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Baking soda vinegar experiment-BAD dandruff itch

08/21/10 04:06:03PM
I have bad dandruff scalp itch/ lumpy bumpy rash at the base of my scalp. This all started when I was doing daily soaks at a hot springs. Before that I have never had any issues with dandruff my entire life. I want to clear this up before my hair dreads. So, this is somewhat gross/embarrassing but I thought I'd put my experience out there. I have had the scalp itch for 2 yrs now. After trying every shampoo I could find-(neem, lavender, head & shoulders, natural ones & drug store brands)I went to the Dr. and they gave me RX shampoo called Nizoral. It is a chemical anti-fungal. I used it for 1 yr it did relieve the itching but no long term healing results. Intermittently I used straight Lemongrass oil, coconut hot oil treatments, Olive & neem hot oils & tea tree, either I didn't do it often enough or no results other than temporary. I am pretty sure the Dandruff is a type of fungus, as it gets worse with eating sugar, wine, alcohol, mushrooms. Making an effort to clean up diet, no sugar or junk food, eating more garlic, neem, vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables.This week I started the baking soda vinegar.Day 1:1/2 cup baking soda to 1 Gal water with a few drops of patchouli, peppermint and Lavender oils. Poured over my head then wrapped hair in a towel and let sit for 20 minutes. Tingly cool burning but good feeling. Burning feeling was only at back of scalp, front & top part of scalp did not burn.(healthy skin)Then 3/4 cup of vinegar in gallon of water rinse. fizzed a little and let set for 5 minutes then rinsed with warm water.My hair became soft as silk when dry. Ran my fingers through the scalp at the back- no lumps, no dandruff. felt good yummy and clean for the first time in years. Sprayed back of scalp with liquid colloidal silver antibiotic/ anti-fungal.Day 2Overnight, the dandruff is back again skin is flaking, itching.(only at the back of the scalp all the rest is itch free and healthy)Decide to repeat day 1 recipe but no peppermint as I could not help but get it in my eyes. Used Lemongrass- strong anti-fungal, instead of the peppermint. Finish with Colloidal silver spray on back of scalp.Day 3Itchy and flaky. Debating weather to wash hair at all but it is itchy. Wash with regular shampoo and conditioner, as baking soda and vinegar is not available to me at the moment.Day 4I reached back to itch my head upon waking, flakes, big lumps and my fingertips are wet? my scalp is oozing clear sticky fluid. Front part of scalp is healthy does not itch and no flakes. YIKES. I wonder if I am doing to much or this is actually working. I am anxious to get rid of this yucky dandruff stuff so I can dread! I have decided to do another rinse today but just with lavender oil BS & vinegar. I will continue to post my results later.
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