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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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The old "i don't have the patience to grow natural dreads" thang

By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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its kinda funny to me when ppl say they don't have the patience to go natural when growing dreads cause very often it takes no patience at all

recently many freinds started growing natural dreads, and nearly all of them were amazed by how fast the hair dreaded naturaly, some found dreads by day 4, others by day 7 and a few by day 14

and yea i said day..not week..not month

every 1 of them was excited every day by the changes they saw.. it wasnt any agonizing waiting game, no it was constantly being surprised by the constant evolution on their heads.

its kinda funny to me that they dont have the patience to just let things happen, but they do have the patience to have their hair pulled for 9 hours straight, then to work on them 4 hours a day every day month after month..

makes me wonder how they would feel if they only tried doing nothing a few weeks

07/12/11 07:04:14PM @bones2:
S.E I am just curious, you say some found dreads after 4, 7 and 14 days !! Are these what most dreadheads regard as dreads or just a few hairs starting to tangle? Also I read in 1 of yr posts you said yr hair dreaded in 2 weeks flat!! I find that quite amazing as I have many african friends with really tight curly afro hair and it took them way more than a few weeks before they considered they had dreads when they let it dread totally natural and afro hair dreads far quicker than straight/cucassion hair. Alot used wool rubbing which created them alot faster though.

06/14/11 01:59:59PM @elaureng:
It took me a whole month of doing, redoing, undoing to figure this out. This way is already so much more enjoyable and although it is still a new hobby for me at the moment, it doesn't get in the way of me spending time on more important things. Although, I do agree that if I was still working in a professional environment that would be a totally different consideration.

Star Mercer
06/14/11 01:11:47PM @star-mercer:
I originally started mine with backcombing. I wanted to use very little products, but ended up buying a couple different things, including anti-residue shampoo. After my first time washing, all of my backcombing had come unknotted. So I went and backcombed them all again. Since then, I have decided to leave all the products out of them. The only thing I am currently doing is, washing, seperating and a little palm rolling. In my experience, the backcombing only slowed the process. I wont say they are very pretty since I stopped with the gels and waxes and I am not happy with the way they are looking compared to before, but I know they will get there. Thanks for the awesome advice, its a huge help!!!

06/12/11 07:27:30PM @exalthimx7:

it's so much more peaceful ']

Elodie-grace young
06/11/11 04:29:28PM @elodie-grace-young:
and luckily i didnt "over crochet" or backcomb and there not to bad

Elodie-grace young
06/11/11 04:28:18PM @elodie-grace-young:
i had that issue , but now im just letting them do there thing , thanks to this websites advise :D

Evelyn Maes
06/11/11 04:06:35PM @evelyn-maes:

No because i'm quiting the job in 3 months, i only told my colleagues i was planning this, one of them told my boss but he didn't believe i would actually do it :)

Actually i didn't knew back then hair would dread on its own, the info i found was all about making them so now they are in i'm keeping them as they are. I just let them do what they want from here on, they were crocheted just once and now for 3 months not. But i think they might have said something if i would have done it naturally, every time i washed my hair when it was not dreaded it was one big knotty fluffy mess so i could imagine how that would look like hehe.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/11/11 11:11:53AM @soaring-eagle:

evylyn you acred wuithout asking so why wouldnt you try going natural you assummed they would say something but that didnt stop you from dreading did it? didnt ask you didnt know

and iif they would have said anything after u backcombed or tnr would u have combed them out?

Gareth Wilson
06/11/11 05:23:11AM @gareth-wilson:
Iagree with you Evelyn im a head nurse in aspecialist vet clinic i have to keep myself lookingrespectful, for staff an clients i would love to go natural but i have to put my hair up at least by T&R or back comb they are there then they can be left to do there own thing as long as it still looks neat.

Evelyn Maes
06/11/11 03:20:06AM @evelyn-maes:
Sometimes it's also a matter of what you do in daily life, like I have a job as a desktop publisher (doing the lay out of magazines and books) and we need to be a bit representative in appearance. Now i didn't ask if they were ok with me having dreads, i just did it and they happened to like it but i always keep them as neat as possible like putting them up in a knot. If i would have appear at the office with my hear like a mess i would get a comment of my boss for sure. But now i stopped doing anything to them to maintain, except from pulling them apart and washing they do start looking kind of wild :D

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