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dreadlocks shampoo
Elodie-grace young


Location: london
Country: GB


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dreads 004
dreads 006
hat :]
mid motion shot
day 1 , side view
looking crazy at the moment but i love it!
new dreadies about 4 weeks old :]


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/10/11 09:42:38PM @soaring-eagle:
:) good plan..he hook actualy delays progress drasticly besides beig very damaging it takes a looong time to recover from usig it

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/10/11 02:46:32PM @soaring-eagle:

welcomre umm july 7th is in the future you mean june? and throw away the crochrt hook thats extremely bad for dreads

the organic way would have worked if you adjusted the scalp chemistry to stop producing so much oils

its all in how u wash

but your off to a great start now just throw away that damn hook and leave em alone to dread

Gavin Donaldson
04/13/10 01:17:23PM @chris-atchison:
Are you still going to help me start my dreads? Been having troulbe reaching ya.

Gavin Donaldson
03/22/10 11:59:31AM @chris-atchison:
Sounds great, looking forward to it. if for some reason we can't get together before next wed. I'm ok with doing them after march 31st. :-)

Gavin Donaldson
03/17/10 08:06:00PM @chris-atchison:
Did you get the email I sent yesterday?

Gavin Donaldson
03/15/10 03:16:25PM @chris-atchison:
I've already done a lot of research, am pretty certain I want to use the backcombing method. Seems to be the best one. My bday is March 31.

Gavin Donaldson
03/15/10 02:44:57PM @chris-atchison:
Yeah, I remember talking to your gf on myspace. I thought that was you, but was not sure. I'd love for you to help me if possible. Not having luck finding someone around here.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/20/10 12:11:22PM @soaring-eagle:
hey good to see you how ya been sweety

01/13/10 06:49:30PM @irierooots:
thank u. she's a mess tho :)(:

01/11/10 06:53:33PM @jameela-bailey:
hey dude!!! u still in ohio or did u already go home>?

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