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3 Months - Counting Dreads

3 Months - Counting Dreads

10 years ago - Comments: 3
Day 37 - A new soap

Day 37 - A new soap

10 years ago - Comments: 11

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08/04/11 11:44:27PM @heather:

yes, i diluted it. i find it easier to get shampoo directly on my scalp if i make up a diluted mixture in a squeeze bottle with distilled water. i just filled an empty bottle (purchased at a beauty supply store) with distilled water and then squirt in about the same amount i would use if i were to put it in my hand and then shake it up. the bottle holds 12 oz. and has a pointed tip which helps to direct it on my scalp. my hair is still wet but i was going through and doing some separating and i don't have a single flake on my scalp. i'm amazed! the weather has been so dry here and its really dried out my scalp so i'm amazed at what this shampoo did in one wash. no wonder it gets such good reviews. a big bonus is all the new knots. i'm so excited:)

08/04/11 09:49:06PM @heather:

hey! i just wanted you to know that i went ahead and bought that shampoo that i had found online. its aubrey organics candula fern shampoo. i just got it in the mail today. i immedietely wash my hair and all i can say is wow! it made my hair squeaky clean and i have a ton more knots. my scalp doesn't feel dry or tight like before either. my hair is still wet but i can already tell this one is a keeper. its a bit expensive but i'm so happy i bought it. also for some reason people were complaining in some of the reviews about the scent. i think it smells wonderful! i'm not big on strong fruity type scents because they give me migraines but this has a nice herbal scent. love it! if your able to pick some of this up i can guarantee you won't be sorry. :)

Tessa Smith
07/30/11 04:13:44AM @tessa-smith:

Hi! I just saw the comment you left on my picture about seeing a before photo. I just posted one so you should check it out. I have waves in my hair from braiding it, but you can kind of get the gist of it. :D

07/10/11 05:39:23PM @babylon:
heey, same for you :D

Cora Walborn
06/30/11 09:16:28AM @cora-walborn:
Hi! I came across your page and saw that you started on June 8, 2011. I started my natural journey on the same day! It's so awesome to see someone on the exact same "page." lol, Can I stalk you (aka your dreads), to compare progress :)

06/27/11 11:15:22AM @babylon:
no i beleive it's normal that the locking begins between the first and second month and some parts of the hair may even take way longer. mine process looks quit similar to yours tho :)i only have two really tiny babylocks in the back from whearing my tam.

06/20/11 03:19:07PM @babylon:
Hey, How are the dreadies doing? got any new photo's?? just curious :P

06/18/11 04:47:11PM @babylon:
Heya, yes, it feels so great. didn't expect it to go so fast :) i'm a bit worried tho about going to the spa on monday :s afraid they'll get to wet and will loosen up....

06/13/11 06:08:23PM @heather:
thanks, elaureng! it took me a good 7 months to just accept the fact that my hair was just going to take a lot longer than most to knot. i did a lot of whining in the beginning:)i kind of wish i had cut my hair to about your length before dreading. it probably would've knotted faster.looking forward to following your journey. it might be rough but totally worth it.{{hugs}}

Mia Elizabeth
06/09/11 03:20:51PM @mia-elizabeth:
Hey Elauren! :) When you get a chance (If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you! (Dead URL)> Peace & love,Mia

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