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dreadlocks shampoo
Mia Elizabeth


Location: Long Beach, CA
Zipcode: 90807
Country: US

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Mia Elizabeth

New Favorite Atrist: Wale (Hip Hop)

Is anyone else smitten??
@Mia Elizabeth 14 years ago - Comments: 1
Mia Elizabeth

Guerita but all they see is a Gringa

My name is Mia. My mom is German and...
@Mia Elizabeth 14 years ago - Comments: 1

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Start Wearing Purple

Start Wearing Purple

13 years ago - Comments: 0
The World Is Yours

The World Is Yours

13 years ago - Comments: 0

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4 month old dreads

4 month old dreads

13 years ago - Comments: 15

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04/28/12 10:52:35AM @treeofdread:

Hi Mia hows it going? Hope alls good,I would love to see an update on your awesomeness! :)

06/28/11 07:21:47AM @chick-pea:

Hi Mia - thanks for the friendship : )

I don't visit here much anymore but it's always nice to meet make new friends!

I also use bicarb and vinegar to wash/condition my hair and have noticed my hair becoming very dry and brittle lately, even some breakage. It also strips the colour from my hair (fake and natural)...I have been using some deep conditioner recently cause I'm worried they won't last without some nourishment... I don't use too much bicarb and have reduced the amount. I'm actually thinking of going back to normal shampoo and conditioner with bicarb once per month.To cut a long story short(ish lol!) Do you have any problems like this?

Thanks darling

love & light


06/19/11 11:27:26AM @georgiafreespirit:
gogol bordello.... :) just saw them live.. they put on such a great show!!!

Monte Jackson
06/15/11 07:33:11PM @monte-jackson:
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks ;P

average joe
06/14/11 12:04:13AM @average-joe:
Thanks for adding me. your dreads look nice :?)

Euffel Calip
06/13/11 06:39:24PM @euffel-calip:
Thank you for adding me, what the extended site about?

gimball empatbelas
06/12/11 05:35:08PM @gimball-empatbelas:

u mean?

i dont know


Brian Joyce
06/10/11 03:44:42PM @brian-joyce:

Mia Elizabeth, I just looked more closely at the Extended Forums and I notice that most of the topics are uncommented upon. Hmmmm. I think I'm going to have to make it a non-rigid goal of mine to think of a good, brief, witty comment for each topic.

Brian Joyce

G.O.A hippie
06/10/11 05:53:50AM @goa-hippie:

Hey Cheerz for the add....

Def. will check it out...

06/10/11 02:18:25AM @calin:
Thanks for the comment and friend request :)

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