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Guerita but all they see is a Gringa

Mia Elizabeth
09/12/10 03:02:28PM
My name is Mia. My mom is German and my dad is Mexican & Russian. As a person of mixed cultures I feel as if I can relate and am constantly seeking to experience ALL cultures (not just my own). However I do feel labeled as "white" seeing as that is how I appear to most people. I have very fair skin, sun burn easy (and unfortuantly often regardless of how much sunscreen i REapply), & have green eyes. It is suffice to say I dont look hispanic. But regardless of what or how i look I feel stiffled by the label. I think many dreadheads can relate to my frustration. I feel outsiders look at me and decide I am a certain way because of my skin color the way many dreadies feel they are assumed by others to be potheads, naturalists, dirty etc.So I pose the question, have you found yourself being labeled and how do you deal?
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