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Mia Elizabeth


Location: Long Beach, CA
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4 month old dreads

Duration: 00:02:18
So leave comments below, thanks.
09/16/11 12:27:07AM @hippiegal:

Wild and beautiful. This is amazing for four months!

09/16/11 12:17:21AM @aika:

those are amazing. so much progress in just four months!

01/08/11 09:32:24PM @newenglander:
reall...nice...much love..sista!!

Mia Elizabeth
01/05/11 01:53:55PM @mia-elizabeth:
Thanks roots and Heather! u are both sweet!

Mia Elizabeth
01/05/11 01:53:10PM @mia-elizabeth:

@Brett- yours really are so similar to mines. good to know im not alone :)

@Dolly- Aww thanks for sharing that. ur student is too sweet. thanks for the interest. :)

01/05/11 11:43:11AM @dolly:
They look amazing!!! Mine at three months look darn near identical to yours. One of my yoga students came up to me the other day and said she loved my emerging dreads because each one had so much personality of it's own!!!! That's a pretty sweet way to see it, I think!!!! Can't wait to see your progress as it continues!!! ;)

Brett Koprowski
01/04/11 10:36:20PM @brett-koprowski:

mine are at 6 mo, forming so similar to yours! i l love the different shapes and curls!!!!!!!!! not one is the same as the other! i love it. dreadies!

01/04/11 05:55:26AM @aaronthelegend:

Well SE I'm saying 5 outta 5 like a rating. You know how they rate movies, hotels, video games xD

Especially since there is a never ending amount of stars O___o

You are welcome btw Mia, they truly are awesome!! Make a video every two months I wanna see the progress :D

01/03/11 11:16:29PM @heather:
so jealous. amazing!

Mia Elizabeth
01/03/11 01:46:24PM @mia-elizabeth:
Aaron, thanks u are too sweet!

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