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Location: Nijmegen
Country: NL


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twilight soundtrack - Almost Lover

twilight soundtrack - Almost...

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Esme's Song

Esme's Song

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Mother Earth, Father Sky

Mother Earth, Father Sky

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Native American - Walela - Cherokee morning song

Native American - Walela -...

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Native American Indian - Yeha-Noha - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance) Sacred Spirits

Native American Indian -...

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Edward's Lullaby - River Flows In You

Edward's Lullaby - River...

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Native American - Evening Song (Indian Chants)

Native American - Evening...

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Disney Soundtrack - Spirit of the Stallion - Brian  Adams - Sound The Bugle

Disney Soundtrack - Spirit of...

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one month
river in the tipi
when it started raining


08/11/11 12:39:51PM @joke:

Ach, trek het je niet aan. Bij mij roddelen ze op het werk al achter mijn rug ;)

Maar ik heb ook wel een paar vrienden die het erg interessant vinden. Of die het zelf ook zo doen.

08/07/11 06:40:53AM @joke:

Haha hier in Belgi zijn het er ook niet veel hoor, wel een paar. Maar de meeste kijken mij toch maar raar aan als ik het uitleg :p

07/10/11 05:00:43PM @elaureng:
Happy One Month to You! (a couple of days late)

07/03/11 07:43:01AM @joke:
Heyhey, ik las juist dat je dacht dat er niet veel mensen van Belgi en Nederland enz zijn. Maar hier is er toch al eentje!! ^^ (Ik ben gisteren trouwens nog juist in Nederland geweest ook :p)

Cora Walborn
06/30/11 09:31:47AM @cora-walborn:
My kids are a lot of fun, I'm lucky I get to stay home and just play all day with them. They absolutely love anything to do with cameras. I try to be all stealthy when I take my photos for my dread journey log, but yesterday they caught me! Your boy is so cute! I love the tractor and archery pictures. You are going to have some amazing looking dreads!

06/27/11 07:25:55AM @elaureng:
Adding some more pics right now :) Things are section-y and frizzy, but not really knotty yet...hope that's normal!

Bryce Forrest
06/18/11 12:43:27AM @bryce-forrest:

That's GREAT news :) Same thing I did too. T'n'R brushed out into naturals. I'm veryyyyyyy excited for ya!

Bryce Forrest
06/11/11 03:53:29AM @bryce-forrest:
Wellllll dreads are dreads. Don't get me wrong. But naturals are just sooooo rewarding in and of themselves. They'll start looking like dreads before even one year, I'm sure. But hey. Do whatcha want. Always. :)

Bryce Forrest
06/09/11 07:26:23PM @bryce-forrest:
Sure am. Totally natural. :) My dreadies will be a year old in about a week actually. Uhmmm the only troubles I ever have are from people. Ya know, the typical, "Do you wash your hair?" (or the more offensive "Ewwww. Dreadlocks.") But I myself have had no problems with my hair. I've kind of become obsessed with just staring at how cool they look. O.O hahaha I hope your job won't get in the way! It will slow them down just a wee bit, but you can keep your hair in a ponytail. Good luck. Keep me updated, I love baby dreads :))

Mia Elizabeth
06/09/11 04:04:48PM @mia-elizabeth:
Hey Babylon! :) When you get a chance (If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you! (Dead URL)> Peace & love,Mia

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