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Day 37 - A new soap

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07/21/11 11:10:18PM @elaureng:

Thanks for clarifyingExaltHim! I appreciate you sharing your wisdom.

Update: Nature's Gate Tea Tree Shampoo gave me a neck rash :( I thought I remember being sensitive to tea tree, but this just confirmed it, sigh! However the Suave clarifying plus spot treatment with chamomile/acv blend seem to be doing an okay job. Next time I need to make a batch, I may try just a straight chamomile tea spray minus the acv to see if that still does the job without as much conditioning.

07/19/11 04:39:42PM @exalthimx7:

(I used to do herbs)

07/19/11 04:39:18PM @exalthimx7:
well, since Chamomile possessesantiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiallergenic capabilities, I think it'd be good for a flaky scalp.

07/19/11 03:47:15PM @elaureng:

Thanks everyone for the wisdom and encouragement!

I used Suave clarifying shampoo to get the olive oil out and that seemed to work okay. Last wash I tried Nature's Gate Tea Tree Shampoo (which also has jojoba and what not), it seems to have made my hair pretty soft and less wavy. Not sure if that will be counterproductive or not. My scalp is still flaky but not as itchy. I mostly just spray it with Chamomile/ACV before bed to combat the flakes (as opposed to 3-4 times throughout the day like I was having to do). Would love to not have to worry about it at all, but that may be unrealistic. I'm thinking about alternating the Suave and the Nature's Gate to see how that goes...?

It's nice to be in the states and able to try some different things, but you're right Heather I have to resist the urge to try EVERYTHING! ExaltHim,do you thinkchamomile being astringent is a good thing or a bad thing?

Peace & Blessings everyone, and thanks again!

07/16/11 03:52:11PM @exalthimx7:
You can put a bead on that loopy if you like, Lauren'] that'll round it out if it really bugs you...xo

07/15/11 10:54:02AM @babylon:
just use baking soda, works well for me :)

07/14/11 08:56:56PM @heather:
i've used olive oil on my face before and its very moisturizing but i don't think i would put it in locking hair. it would leave a lot of residue over time. i'm with exalthimx7 on this one. maybe just find a good shampoo or soap for your hair and then spot treat your scalp. sometimes trying a bunch of thing to remedy a problem can cause more problems in the end. keep it simple.

07/14/11 05:59:48PM @exalthimx7:
I read that Chamomile is astringent, maybe try johoba oil instead of olive? I also read that you can moisturize the scalp and not the hair by dabbing a q-tip dipped in the jojoba just on your scalp while your hair is wet, seemed tedious, tho...good luck chica! If you want me to mail you a specific shampoo from the US let me know...Nancy

07/14/11 05:35:39PM @elaureng:

Also, it didn't feel sticky, but I had to wash my head again before bed because it had gotten sooooo oily. I don't recommend olive oil soap for caucasian hair! Bummer, I was really hoping that it would work, back to the drawing board...

07/14/11 02:33:28PM @elaureng:
I am having such a hard time findinga routine that ismoisturizing enough for my scalp but doesn't over-condition my hair. When I get to the states I am thinking of trying some of the shampoos others have mentioned on here and/oradding essential oilsto my bs wash instead of herbal teas to see if that helps. It's hard to shop for it here in Germany since the ingredient lists are in German (of course!), I don't always know if I'm getting the right thing. I guess one of the pros of going natural is that it gives you some time to figure this stuff out!

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