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soaring eagle on freedoms wings

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2017-02-19
soaring eagle on freedoms wings

So many of you know I have been growing my dreadlocks 25 almost 26 years so know the history of my dreadlocks but not of my name.

DSCN3418 1.JPG

Right about the time I tarted growing my dreads, less then a year before I broke my back, suffering a spinal chord injury, just a mile or 2 from where I grew up, and from a little 'old timey' grass airfield with gliders and biplanes.

The sound of gliders releasing from tow, and seeing WWII era biplanes doing aerobatics over my backyard, was the backdrop of my youth. I think I took my 1st glider ride at maybe 6 or 7 maybe younger.

25 years ago after breaking my back and being paralyzed, just weeks after getting out of the hospital and facing this new reality, only to find out that this little airport, I rode my bike to as a kid, that I even lived right next to for awhile around age 14, was the home to something else that would shape my life.

I discovered Freedoms Wings would help me change my outlook on my new reality.

The most magical things can happen to you, when you climb out of your wheelchair to soar high into the sky, and see eye to eye with hawks and eagles. It was  of those moments, just me on my second solo flight, circling in a thermal  with 4 golden eagles that earned me my name (by way of a Seneca mentor  of mine). 

Unfortunately life happened as it sometimes does, and that solo light with the eagles was the be the last 1 for a number of years, with the exception of 3-4 or so every couple years (each 1 lasting a good 5 hours though). That is, until this year!

Last fall I resumed my flight training, and hope to get at least 1 or 2 lessons in each week in the spring so hopefully by next fall can take any of you up for a ride!

But Freedoms Wings needs support and volunteers.

If you live in the PA NJ DE area we have 2 airports we fly out of, and volunteers often get to fly and some have gone on to become pilots themselves. If you are unable to volunteer, there are other ways to support us .

Volunteers can join the site now, because safety is of utmost importance there is some volunteer training involved (if your volunteering at the airfield that is, we could use fundraisers etc all over the world).

Winter won't last much longer and then it will be time to fly! So who wants to come soar with me?

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soaring eagle soaring again

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2016-10-23
soaring eagle soaring again

Soaring is a sport like no other. So what is soaring and what brought me to this amazing sport to begin with?

Soaring simplified:

Soaring is the act of using rising air to extend the duration, and distance of unpowered flight. An unpowered plane also known as a glider, or sailplane, is powered strictly by gravity. in other words, its forward momentum is created by the downward pull of gravity. Efficiency of a glider is expressed in l/d or lift over drag at a certain speed, which translates into glide angle. This is a ratio like 38 to 1 (the ship I fly) up to 68 to 1 or slightly better for the most cutting edge "racing gliders" these numbers translate to  the number of miles  flyable for every mile of altitude.

So, in other words a sailplane or glider is always going down, losing altitude, and from 1 mile up will have to land within 30-68 ish miles. So how can a glider, that would land in 20-40 minutes travel 1550 miles and stay aloft 15 hours (world record)?

As seen in this video, gliders use updrafts called thermals to climb in rising columns of air exactly as eagles do. Circling slowly in a thermal increases altitude (the beeping you hear is the electronic variometer, the faster and higher the pitch the stronger the lift source, and faster you climb. You then can turn altitude into distance, and speed.

Other lift sources exist like ridge lift and wave lift, both caused by wind flowing over the mountains. Ridge lift is used in racing to fly very fast, very long distances, very close to the mountains.

In this case, the closer you fly to the ridge the stronger the lift and faster you can fly.

Wave lift is downwind of a mountain these standing waves can carry a glider higher then any powered plane can ever fly. the perlan 2 project is a "space glider" that will soon take mountain waves to a new altitude the edge of space, without power!

Gliders also offer extreme, unpowered aerobatics like this:

But for me, the greatest challenge is cross country racing:

This is my eventual dream, to compete in glider racing.

How did I get involved in soaring? I grew up just below where the gliders released from tow. All my childhood the sound of tow planes throttling back and diving after release, was the soundtrack to my childhood. At a young age, maybe 8 I took my 1st ride. At 14 about I left home and lived right next door to the airport I now fly out of.

But, it wasn't until I was in my early 20s, and broke my back, ending up in a wheelchair for life, that I discovered that very gliderport that was such a part of my life already, was also home to  a non profit that teaches people with disabilities to fly gliders

RuthAragon.jpg  With both disabled students, and instructors, this was something that really opened my mind to the possibilities that lied ahead of me. After listening to long lists from doctors of things I would never do again, here was a group saying you can do more then you ever dreamed of doing.

It was just 2 weeks after getting out of the hospital that I took my 1st flight, and began lessons the very next day.

Due to lack of transportation, after my 1st 2 solo flights I was no longer able to fly, for nearly 20 years.

2 weeks ago I resumed my lessons! And finally I'm back in the sky where I belong.


This video is very informative into all aspects of soaring.

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zen and the art of dread care

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-06-23

there are 2 main schools of thought when it comes to dread care

1 lets call the consumer option

the other, the zen art of dread care.

the consumer buys into products, pays hundreds of dollars for kits, or spends thousands going to salons for constant maintenance.

the zen artists grows herbs for herbal soaks, smudges his/her dreads to cleanse the energies surrounding them, maybe chants the aum vibration to unite their dreads with the universal consciousness, and add a few gemstone beads or crystals to heighten the spiritual power of their locks.

the zen of dread care does not require tons of money, ot does not require hours of rubbing and rolling or twisting. there is no need for a technical degree in lockology tangleology or dreadology. it only requires love, patience and understanding, a connection with nature thats deeper then the roots that penetrate dep into the earth ..the same roots which are reflected in the knotting twisting tangles that are growing organicly, magicly and ..naturally upon the head.. the crown chakra wide open like a fountain of pure white light, but protected by the crown of roots that absorb the flow of energy and come alive with their own personalities.

the consumer on the other hand exposes the scalp thinning the mane letting that flow of creativinty and spiriuality drain from the skull unhindered ..unchecked only a thick coating of wax remaining where the once proud mane no longer remains

the zen artist preffers simplicity serenity instead of a trip to the salon they take their knots to the ocean or to the mountains they personalize each dread and want to teach them about reality and the world around them, they want to show them the beauty of the universe they may climb a mountain just to hold their dreads up to the sun on the solstice

the zen artists may shake their dreads in the rain they may ad a flower to attract a butterfly and consider that styling

the consumer hides from the drizzle afraid the water will ruin thousands of hours of hard work and tens of thousands of expences

they may shave and shape and pull the roots so tight they nearky fall off they may not wash or even wet their dreads for over a year thinking tidy and dirty are one in the same thing the "care" is not caring for the dreads but caring what others might think of the dreads if they are not all even straight round and perfect without a single loose hair

the zen artists is above such trivial things a loose hair here and there doesnt bother them, they dont care what others may think, they are nit dreading to impress, but for happiness

they spend their time not worrying about perfection, but accepting imperfections that are the essence of true well as joy

they have touched the true essence and nature of dreadiness

they have grown into and with their dreads becoming one with them they arent a style they adopted they rent something they bought made put in or got their dreads are a integral part of the soul

celebrated with every breathe with every word thought action and deed.. they are the dread the dread is them

they dont have dreads..they are dreads

they never got dreads..they grew dreads

they are at 1 with the true self..

the experience of sitting on a mountaintop meditating as your dreads grow to the ground

compared to sitting in a salon with a strahnger =yanking on your hair till your in tears and agony

for the consumer dreads are a purchase something yiu ask "how much do dreads cost" before deciding to dread or not to dread

the zen dreader doesnt think of such things they simply alow themselves to have what they desire, to become who they are

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mitt romney and the mormon cult

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-10-25

I have been helping someone a lil bit on his site which is a social network for ex mormons

those who escaped the cult

those who suffered sexual abuses and forced marriages

this is reprinted from 1 of his older sites

he has 1st hand experience dealing with the mormon cult and with romneys involvement in the cult

Mitt Romney's Mormon Secrets

By Richard Packham February 2012

In all the extensive media coverage of Mitt Romney, much of it discussing his religion, not a word have I seen about the secrets of Mormonism, the secrets of Romney's life-long beliefs and practices. The reason, of course, is obvious: nobody can talk about a secret unless they are in on the secret. And few journalists or Christian ministers or anti-Mitt politicians are in on the secret. Only Mormons know the secrets, and they're not going to tell. And former Mormons, like myself, who were initiated into those same secrets, and afterwards left Mormonism - we know the secrets. Should we tell?

Journalist Frank Rich, in his January 29 article "Who in God's Name Is Mitt Romney?" in New York Magazine, subtitled it: "His greatest passion is something he's determined to keep secret." And that secret is the details of his beliefs and practices as a faithful, life-long Mormon, the same secrets that all good Mormons have vowed to keep secret, even though their life depended on it.

And why does Romney (and his church) want to keep people from knowing those secrets? Most Mormons will claim that they are not "secret," but merely so "sacred" that they cannot be discussed. That is a quibble, since Mormons hold any number of other aspects of their religion to be "sacred," and yet they don't hesitate to discuss them (for example: baptism, conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost, ordination to the priesthood, etc.). In my day, when Mitt and I were initiated into the secrets, we were specifically instructed that we were under "the greatest obligations of secrecy." Nowadays, the Mormons simply take a solemn oath that they will "never reveal" anything about the rituals. That sounds like a secret to any ordinary person, doesn't it?

All right. I am going reveal those secrets, since nobody else seems willing and able to do so.

The biggest secrets involve the special lengthy rituals (the Mormons call them "ordinances") that take place outside of public view in the Mormon temples. The most important of these rituals is called the "endowment" - lasting several hours and taking the Mormon through symbolic washings and anointings (in my day they were actual washings and anointings on the entire naked body), then clothing the Mormon in special clothing and robes (including the notorious "magic underwear," which Mormons call "the garment"). The Mormon then watches and participates in long dramatizations of key events in the coming of the gospel, beginning with the creation of the world, showing Adam's fall, the coming of the Christian gospel (but not the crucifixion and resurrection), and ultimately the Mormon's being admitted into heaven, represented by "passing through the veil (of the temple)." When Romney and I first went through this ceremony, it was a ritualized dramatization with live temple personnel. Nowadays it's a movie. Yes, the most sacred worship service in Mormonism involves watching a movie.

Why is that so secret? you may ask. What aren't the Mormons supposed to reveal? What do they hold so sacred that it's secret? Quite a lot.

Part of the endowment ritual instructs the Mormons in the four "signs" and "tokens" of the Mormon priesthood. Each also has a "name" (or password). The Mormon must make an oath that he (or she) will never reveal these, outside the temple. The purpose of the signs and tokens, according to Mormon Prophet Brigham Young, is that they will be needed to pass the angels guarding the gates of heaven. The tokens are various handshakes, copied largely from the Masonic initiation rites of the 1830s, when church founder Joseph Smith was initiated into Freemasonry. The signs are various positions of the arms and hands (right arm to the square, for example, is the "first sign of the Aaronic priesthood").

Before 1990, when Romney and I first went through this ceremony, we were taught that each of the first three signs and tokens also had a "penalty" associated with each one, and we had to mime various ways of taking life to represent the penalty to us if we were to reveal the secret signs and tokens: slitting one's own throat, ripping open one's chest, disemboweling oneself. Yes, folks, this was part of the most sacred ritual in Mormonism: pantomiming your own bloody death.

So Mitt Romney, and all other righteous Mormons, can be confident that they know the secret passwords and secret handshakes to get into heaven. Do you see why Romney and his church are reluctant for "unworthy" people (the rest of us, including Mrs. Romney's parents) to know about this? As Deborah Laake put it in her autobiographical book Secret Ceremonies, (New York 1993):

The actions that were going to guarantee my entrance at the gates [of heaven] would have nothing to do with love or charity or the other teachings of Christ that I'd been raised to believe God valued. In fact, I hadn't heard a single one of those words spoken today, the most primary day of religious instruction in my entire life. No, I was going to burst into heaven on the basis of mumbo-jumbo. ... The mysteries of life were fraternity rituals. ... Did all the white-suited glorifiers in the room unquestioningly accept a ritual of nutty gestures from the pseudo-occult as a sacrament? Those were the first moments when I viewed Mormonism with suspicion.

Or as summarized by a young Mormon missionary:"If we told investigators [prospective converts] about that, they wouldn't join, because it's too weird!"

But wait! you are saying. You haven't revealed anything. You've just told us that there is stuff to reveal. So reveal it!

Right. The four secret passwords that will get you into heaven:

The first one is the "new name" that you get with your garment. Mine is "Enoch" and you can borrow it when the time comes. The angel won't know. If you're female, you can use my ex-wife's new name: "Mary." (She would kill me if she knew I gave her sacred new name away!)

The second password is easy: your own given first name.

The third password: "The Son," meaning "the Son of God."

The fourth one is so sacred that you don't get it until the very last moment in the ceremony, at the veil, from God Himself (or an old guy standing behind the curtain who is pretending to be God). And it's very long, but you have to memorize it or you don't get in:

Health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and in the sinews. Power in the priesthood be upon me and upon my posterity through all generations of time and throughout all eternity.

(If you watched "Big Love" faithfully, one episode showed this part of the ceremony.)

And what about the secret (oops! that should be "sacred") handshakes? Rather than describe them, I will suggest you simply do an Internet search for "mormon handshake" images. They'll be right at the top.

Anything else? Yes, there are more secrets.

During the endowment, Mormons are required to take secret oaths that they will obey various "laws." The "law of obedience" requires them to obey "the law of God and keep his commandments." They don't specify what the "law of God" is, but Mormons understand that the Mormon church is the only true source of God's law and commandments. So they are taking an oath to obey their church.

The "law of sacrifice" requires them to "covenant to sacrifice all that we possess, even our own lives if necessary, in sustaining and defending the Kingdom of God." Mormons understand "the kingdom of God" to be the Mormon church.

The "law of the gospel" is accompanied by a charge to avoid "evil speaking of the Lord's anointed [church leaders]" as well as avoiding "light-mindedness, loud laughter, taking the Lord's name in vain" and every "unholy and impure practice" (not specified).

The "law of chastity" is to abstain from sexual relations except with one's lawful spouse. That one does make sense. That's one of the Ten Commandments, after all.

The last law is the "law of consecration." It requires the Mormons to

...consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the Kingdom of God on the earth and for the establishment of Zion.

A couple of terms need explanation. The "Kingdom of God on the earth" and "Zion" mean, to Mormons, not just their church, but ultimately the theocracy that will replace the non-religious civil government. They believe, of course, that Christ will come to run this government, using faithful Mormons as administrators.

The pressing question for Mitt Romney, and for the Mormons who are supporting his candidacy, is: Would Romney consider the Presidency to be something that God had "blessed" him with, and which, pursuant to his secret oath, he should "consecrate" to his church for establishing a theocracy? If he is elected, will he kneel down and thank his God for blessing him with the presidency? And what is he supposed to do, according to his secret oath, with "everything" God has blessed him with? That's right: he is to use it for the benefit of the Mormon church.

Now wait a minute, you may be thinking. It doesn't really mean that! The Mormon church doesn't expect that from its members, does it? Oh, yes, it does! Remember California's Proposition 8? The Mormon church pulled out all the stops to pass that proposition, which would forbid same-sex marriage, and it called upon all Mormons to cough up and donate, even those who were not California voters. Those who were hesitant to do so (often the amounts demanded were thousands of dollars per family) were simply and subtly reminded of their "temple covenants." And they all understood that the church was calling in the chits on the oaths to obey, to sacrifice, and to consecrate whatever the church demanded of them.

How would a President who was also a good Mormon obey those secret oaths?

It wouldn't even take a phone call from church headquarters to the White House. Mitt, being a well-trained Mormon, knows "in his heart" what God would want (which is the same thing that the church wants, of course) and doesn't need to be told. That's the way it works already in the only American theocracy in existence today (Utah). The Mormon politicians who run that state - the judiciary, the legislature, the executive branch - don't have to ask church leaders for direction. They know what they should do, without asking specifically (usually).

The question for American voters is: knowing that Romney has taken this secret oath, that he is a faithful Mormon, do you want him to answer the question "Would you feel bound by your sacred oath to obey the law of consecration that you made in the endowment ceremony?"

Should it make a difference to you, the voter?

2012 Richard Packham Permission granted to reproduce for non-commercial purposes, provided text is not changed and this copyright notice is included

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a bitch named sandy

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-10-27

normaly when i think of a girl named sandy its a petite cute sweet chick not a massive monstrous superbitch

but a bitch named sandy is on her way to spend a few days wreaking havoc and devouring everything in sight.

this will affect our lil community since some of the most active helpful members are going to be caught right in her path..

it maybe weeks before we recover and get back on to the site so any members on during this time step up yoir efforts to help out

if you spend all your time in chat take a moment every hour to answer questions in forums and blogs

change and ixchel are stepping up to admin the site while we are gne

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new instant ads advertising options

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2011-08-13

you now can instantly add an ad to dreadlockssite

click the advertise slide out to the left or the new advertisement widget and create or upload your add in seconds

dreadlockssite ads average 10,000 to 15,000 impressions a day or 380,000-400,000 impressions a month.

your advertisements appear on every page in our site (around 900,000 pages and growing daily)

You can have your ad live in seconds, you can create an ad using our easy to use templates or upload an image 300x250 most common image types even flash is supported. or create a simple text ad.

Then simply select a payment option and a campaign period and your done your ad is live within seconds. (ads may require approval before going live)

You have the option to run your advertising campaigns for 1 day only or up to 3 months.

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principles of freedom chapter 1

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2013-02-26





Why should we fight for freedom? Is it not strange, that it has become necessary to ask and answer this question? We have fought our fight for centuries, and contending parties still continue the struggle, but the real significance of the struggle and its true motive force are hardly at all understood, and there is a curious but logical result. Men technically on the same side are separated by differences wide and deep, both of ideal and plan of action; while, conversely, men technically opposed have perhaps more in common than we realise in a sense deeper than we understand.


This is the question I would discuss. I find in practice everywhere in Irelandit is worse out of Irelandthe doctrine, "The end justifies the means."

One party will denounce another for the use of discreditable tactics, but it will have no hesitation in using such itself if it can thereby snatch a discreditable victory. So, clear speaking is needed: a fight that is not clean-handed will make victory more disgraceful than any defeat. I make the point here because we stand for separation from the British Empire, and because I have heard it argued that we ought, if we could, make a foreign alliance to crush English power here, even if our foreign allies were engaged in crushing freedom elsewhere. When such a question can be proposed it should be answered, though the time is not ripe to test it. If Ireland were to win freedom by helping directly or indirectly to crush another people she would earn the execration she has herself poured out on tyranny for ages. I have come to see it is possible for Ireland to win her independence by base methods. It is imperative, therefore, that we should declare ourselves and know where we stand. And I stand by this principle: no physical victory can compensate for spiritual surrender. Whatever side denies that is not my side.

What, then, is the true basis to our claim to freedom? There are two points of view. The first we have when fresh from school, still in our teens, ready to tilt against everyone and everything, delighting in saying smart thingsand able sometimes to say themtalking much and boldly of freedom, but satisfied if the thing sounds bravely. There is the later point of view. We are no longer boys; we have come to review the situation, and take a definite stand in life. We have had years of experience, keen struggles, not a little bitterness, and we are steadied. We feel a heart-beat for deeper things. It is no longer sufficient that they sound bravely; they must ring true. The schoolboy's dream is more of a Roman triumphtramping armies, shouting multitudes, waving bannersall good enough in their way. But the dream of men is for something beyond all this show. If it were not, it could hardly claim a sacrifice.


A spiritual necessity makes the true significance of our claim to freedom: the material aspect is only a secondary consideration. A man facing life is gifted with certain powers of soul and body. It is of vital importance to himself and the community that he be given a full opportunity to develop his powers, and to fill his place worthily. In a free state he is in the natural environment for full self-development. In an enslaved state it is the reverse. When one country holds another in subjection that other suffers materially and morally. It suffers materially, being a prey for plunder. It suffers morally because of the corrupt influences the bigger nation sets at work to maintain its ascendancy. Because of this moral corruption national subjection should be resisted, as a state fostering vice; and as in the case of vice, when we understand it we have no option but to fight. With it we can make no terms. It is the duty of the rightful power to develop the best in its subjects: it is the practice of the usurping power to develop the basest. Our history affords many examples. When our rulers visit Ireland they bestow favours and titles on the supporters of their regimebut it is always seen that the greatest favours and highest titles are not for the honest adherent of their powerbut for him who has betrayed the national cause that he entered public life to support. Observe the men who might be respected are passed over for him who ought to be despised. In the corrupt politician there was surely a better nature. A free state would have encouraged and developed it. The usurping state titled him for the use of his baser instincts. Such allurement must mean demoralisation. We are none of us angels, and under the best of circumstances find it hard to do worthy things; when all the temptation is to do unworthy things we are demoralised. Most of us, happily, will not give ourselves over to the evil influence, but we lose faith in the ideal. We are apathetic. We have powers and let them lie fallow. Our minds should be restless for noble and beautiful things; they are hopeless in a land everywhere confined and wasted. In the destruction of spirit entailed lies the deeper significance of our claim to freedom.


It is a spiritual appeal, then, that primarily moves us. We are urged to action by a beautiful ideal. The motive force must be likewise true and beautiful. It is love of country that inspires us; not hate of the enemy and desire for full satisfaction for the past. Pause awhile. We are all irritated now and then by some mawkish interpretation of our motive force that makes it seem a weakly thing, invoked to help us in evading difficulties instead of conquering them. Love in any genuine form is strong, vital and warm-blooded. Let it not be confused with any flabby substitute. Take a parallel case. Should we, because of the mawkishness of a "Princess Novelette," deride the beautiful dream that keeps ages wondering and joyous, that is occasionally caught up in the words of genius, as when Shelley sings: "I arise from dreams of thee"? When foolish people make a sacred thing seem silly, let us at least be sane. The man who cries out for the sacred thing but voices a universal need. To exist, the healthy mind must have beautiful thingsthe rapture of a song, the music of running water, the glory of the sunset and its dreams, and the deeper dreams of the dawn. It is nothing but love of country that rouses us to make our land full-blooded and beautiful where now she is pallid and wasted. This, too, has its deeper significance.


If we want full revenge for the past the best way to get it is to remain as we are. As we are, Ireland is a menace to England. We need not debate thisshe herself admits it by her continued efforts to pacify us in her own stupid way. Would she not ignore us if it were quite safe so to do? On the other hand, if we succeed in our efforts to separate from her, the benefit to England will be second only to our own. This might strike us strangely, but 'tis true, not the less true because the English people could hardly understand or appreciate it now. The military defence of Ireland is almost farcical. A free Ireland could make it a realitycould make it strong against invasion. This would secure England from attack on our side. No one is, I take it, so foolish as to suppose, being free, we would enter quarrels not our own. We should remain neutral. Our common sense would so dictate, our sense of right would so demand. The freedom of a nation carries with it the responsibility that it be no menace to the freedom of another nation. The freedom of all makes for the security of all. If there are tyrannies on earth one nation cannot set things right, but it is still bound so to order its own affairs as to be consistent with universal freedom and friendship. And, again, strange as it may seem, separation from England will alone make for final friendship with England. For no one is so foolish as to wish to be for ever at war with England. It is unthinkable. Now the most beautiful motive for freedom is vindicated. Our liberty stands to benefit the enemy instead of injuring him. If we want to injure him, we should remain as we area menace to him. The opportunity will come, but it would hardly make us happy. This but makes clear a need of the human race. Freedom rightly considered is not a mere setting-up of a number of independent units. It makes for harmony among nations and good fellowship on earth.


I have written carefully that no one may escape the conclusion. It is clear and exacting, but in the issue it is beautiful. We fight for freedomnot for the vanity of the world, not to have a fine conceit of ourselves, not to be as bador if we prefer to put it so, as big as our neighbours. The inspiration is drawn from a deeper element of our being. We stifle for self-development individually and as a nation. If we don't go forward we must go down. It is a matter of life and death; it is out soul's salvation. If the whole nation stand for it, we are happy; we shall be grandly victorious. If only a few are faithful found they must be the more steadfast for being but a few. They stand for an individual right that is inalienable. A majority has no right to annul it, and no power to destroy it. Tyrannies may persecute, slay, or banish those who defend it; the thing is indestructible. It does not need legions to protect it nor genius to proclaim it, though the poets have always glorified it, and the legions will ultimately acknowledge it. One man alone may vindicate it, and because that one man has never failed it has never died. Not, indeed, that Ireland has ever been reduced to a single loyal son. She never will be. We have not survived the centuries to be conquered now. But the profound significance of the struggle, of its deep spiritual appeal, of the imperative need for a motive force as lofty and beautiful, of the consciousness that worthy winning of freedom is a labour for human brotherhood; the significance of it all is seen in the obligation it imposes on everyone to be true, the majority notwithstanding. He is called to a grave charge who is called to resist the majority. But he will resist, knowing his victory will lead them to a dearer dream than they had ever known. He will fight for that ideal in obscurity, little heededin the open, misunderstood; in humble places, still undaunted; in high places, seizing every vantage point, never crushed, never silent, never despairing, cheering a few comrades with hope for the morrow. And should these few sink in the struggle the greatness of the ideal is proven in the last hour; as they fall their country awakens to their dream, and he who inspired and sustained them is justified; justified against the whole race, he who once stood alone against them. In the hour he falls he is the saviour of his race.

chapter 2

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dreadlocks journey

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2011-08-24

all my life i was just a hair

but somehow i knew i would get there

i was always so straight so fine

perfectly combed into a straight line

along came a breeze and blew me here and there

but for once i was left where i fell without a care

ive always been pushed back out of face forced into place

but now i can go wild be free to knot at my own pace its not a race

i wrap around my neighbour and rub up against her oh wow this feels great

we tighten our grasp tighter and tighter i think i found my mate

but alas our mairiage is not our fate we come apart and feel a loss

but another has come to wrap and carress with a careless head toss

this time the bonds hold our union fortold

shafts penetrating loops pulling eachother in tight

its love that pulls us together not force or might

others gather round us uniting together

th sun the wind the rain the weather

its nature that holds this family together

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