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☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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Hurricane Patricia Exposes Trump Supporters Racist Agenda

user image 2015-10-24
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
Posted in: politics

 While hurricane Patricia was making landfall in Mexico, supporters of Donald Trump showed their true colors and reasons for supporting Trump who often makes racist and sexist comments.

YouTube had several live feeds of the hurricane Patricia making landfall with people dying on live cam. There was a live chat that was clearly divided along political lines. Although there were people from every nation, including many from Mexico scared for their lives, trump supporters took it upon themselves to drown everybody out with some of the most horrific remarks I have ever seen.

These are just a few of the remarks that I can remember, but there were thousands and they were flying by very fast.

"Donald Trump's fulfilling his promise to wipe out all Mexicans"
"thank God for Donald Trump. I hope there's less than 1000 of those dirty wet backs left when this is all over."
"I can't wait to see some dirty wet backs flying through the air."
"I'm glad Donald Trump's getting his way and will soon be rid of all of those Mexicans and when that's done we can start wiping out the N-word's too. Starting with that N-word. Obama"

There were heartfelt concerns and prayers going out from all over the world to the poor people in Mexico were already struggling and are now facing the largest storm ever. But for every person that tried to express concern, they were drowned out by dozens of trump supporters shouting racist hate, and making it clear that they wanted nothing less than total genocide.

It was the most horrific thing I had seen. I posted about it on Facebook and everybody who replied had seen the same thing from supporters taking over every chat about the tragedy in Mexico and turning it into a racist genocidal hate-fest. All fueled by Donald Trump's blatant hatred of Mexicans.

How can anybody support a candidate's whose supporters are happy to see people die?

One by one each of the lied feeds had to be taken down because of the racism. The trump supporters got their way. Nobody was able to give their heartfelt condolences to those who were suffering and in harm's way.

This year's race, it is clear that one party is taking the high road and talking about the issues and the other party is simply trying to be a bully.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/10/15 03:51:27PM @soaring-eagle:

why he marries ruussian brides is you can pretty much just buy them and then they are your sex slave

i've known quite a fw amazing rusian women they all tell me that  theres a real problem with a sex trade and most russian women are just assumed to be whores because of it


11/10/15 12:48:26PM @rze:

Very well stated, SE .. We knew as soon as Trump announced his candidacy that this would become a circus sideshow.  The GOP is self-destructing, we're watching it implode by itself with every passing day!  Now Paul Ryan is Speaker, the same guy who wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Disability benefits by millions!  The Republicans are only hanging on because their voter base turns out for mid-elections, and Democrats don't usually.  We need to change that in order to get common sense back on Capital Hill.

Trump is the worst of them, he's so insensitive, self-indulgent and narcissistic.. I couldn't imagine a worse Nominee for the GOP!  If he's so against immigrants, why does he keep marrying Russian brides?  Republicans are (in general) a wrecking ball of contridiction.  Their unfeeling, self-gratifying attitudes have gotten them nowhere, along with their tired, stagnant platforms and topics on which they run for presidential election.  Real change doesn't come from just a leader.. real change comes from people, the mass rising up and stopping this political circus.

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