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dreadlocks shampoo
Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman


Location: Gilchrist, OR
Zipcode: 97737
Country: US


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Got my shampoo

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-29

Got it finally and used it also got my neem seed oil lavender and tea tree by the way neem seed oil smells super yuk xp my kids told me as well thats okay it will do its job and thats the main point I love the shampoo nag champa liquid and cant wait to use my bar soap godess should be great also go the gel so I can control my natural curls that are up front without having to use something I really dont want near my hair like moose yuks.

Also using the liquid on my son to help his little head dread up a little quicker very very nice and he likes the smell as well so thats good.

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Breaking the bands

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-24

I have the hardest time getting my hair up into a bun for work...and then a hair net over this huge thing worst of all I keep breaking the bands I use and have to buy more constantly .....what are better ways of me getting this heap of hair up onto my head any suggestions I mean this works and all for now but I would like other ideas as well

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what kind of shampoo

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-20

I do the BS wash already and put the oils I want into it....but what else can I wash my hair with that will not harm it or leave a residue I need this for me and my little dudes I do not like Doctor broners It makes my skin feel really bad even when diluted.....Need something that is good for hair and does not hurt mine or my kids silly skin

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decorations for my hair

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-18

I really love adding things to my hair but have been having some problems finding anything lately and some are just to big for me to get anything over them and sugestions on sites I can go to and have a look about see if I likes anything or on how to do my own creations

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4 months into my dreads

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

I am 4 months into the dreads that are on the uper half of my head the bottom I have had for almost 2 years now. But today I had a little freak out this site helped me so much I am so happy that I found it and can ask all the questions I need to my stress level is down a little I still have a battle for a few weeks with this but I will make it all better thanks for all the help much loves <3

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speed it up for the child

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

My youngest wants dreads. Now I did my with a little force he has such a tender head he hates it to even be brushed that is why he wants dreads now. What can I do besides just giving him a good shampoo to speed up the proses? Naturally of course

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Neem seed oil

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

I need to find some of this but do not live near any stores are there sites that have it for a good price that you can recomend

Thanks much needed

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super sad and need help Dont want to cut off

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-15

So I think I have ugh.....Lice :( And I need to know is this the end of my dreads? Do I have to now cut them off. Please someone help me I am so sad right now and kinda freaking out I dont know what to do

Please help confused lost and sad

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