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Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman


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super sad and need help Dont want to cut off

user image 2012-09-15
By: Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
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So I think I have ugh.....Lice :( And I need to know is this the end of my dreads? Do I have to now cut them off. Please someone help me I am so sad right now and kinda freaking out I dont know what to do

Please help confused lost and sad

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/22/12 04:47:00PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

so how long do I leave the diatomaceousearth in my hair when I do it?

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/15/12 05:10:57PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

That is what I had forgot to ask was how it actually worked on the little buggers. Thank you for informing me I have already bagged up most my stuff in my house and checked the little ones they are clean its just me thanks goodness.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/15/12 04:44:46PM @soaring-eagle:

de she means diatomaceousearth

its a [light dust like flour almost made from shale i think but food grade it penetrates the exosceleton and dries them out killing thru dehydration i attacks them physicaly so theres no way to develop imi=unity it kills anything with an exosceloton

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/15/12 04:30:42PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Thanks so much guys I did ask Eagle as well and he was able to help went and got the alcohol and also ordered the ED should be here soon <3 Much love

Baba Fats
09/15/12 01:43:54PM @baba-fats:
I haven't heard of that particular product, but you never have to cut your hair for lice. You can always use rubbing alcohol to get rid of them. Ask me or Eagle for details on how to apply it

09/15/12 01:09:15PM @sarah6:
I've had lice and it completely freaked me out too, until I discovered a product called Delacet which can be used on Dreads, bought two bottles of it and after two applications a week apartI was lice and itch free.No need to cut your dreads :)

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