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Breaking the bands

user image 2012-09-24
By: Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
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I have the hardest time getting my hair up into a bun for work...and then a hair net over this huge thing worst of all I keep breaking the bands I use and have to buy more constantly .....what are better ways of me getting this heap of hair up onto my head any suggestions I mean this works and all for now but I would like other ideas as well

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/25/12 11:48:00PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

Oh they are I eat some while working the ones that get broken or I put a finger print in. I also take lots home to my family because we all like coffee

09/25/12 10:50:08PM @ixchel:

at least it sounds delicious :P

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/25/12 10:07:07PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

All fabulous Ideas thank you very much :D And yes I work with food...I dip biscottis all day long into chocolat hurts the back and all over even my finger tips lol

09/24/12 11:09:56PM @mons:
How about cutting the end off of a t-shirt sleeve and using that? It's stretchy enought to wrap a couple times around a bun and strong enough to not snap.

09/24/12 11:00:01PM @ixchel:

okay what about the fabric hair bands that are like the sports bands but not elastic like normal hair ties?

a tam is a slouchy/baggy knit or crochet hat. I know a lot of people use simple black ones for work & Baba worked in a kitchen as a cook & used one (iassumesomething like that is why you need a hair net?)

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/24/12 10:33:19PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

I do use the sports bands thats what keeps breaking and I can get my hair up with my own hair but not fasten it well enough to stay while I am working with a hair net on....what is a tam?

09/24/12 09:40:40PM @ixchel:

have you tried the sports bands that are meant to just keep the bangs back when you have your hair in a ponytail? those are big enough to go around your head so they should be able to loop around a dready bun a couple times. or are your locks long enough to use to tie it up? or can you wear a simple black tam?

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