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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Jackson, MI
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By Matthew7, 2012-10-30

Hi i just got myself some redken clean brew shampooit says its an anti grit shampoo that is supposed to get residue out of your hairdoesn'tsound so bad but it does have malt brewers yeast and orange zest in it. I have no clue if any of that would effect my hair.

If anybody has used or knows anything about this product or if any of the things in it are good/bad please let me know i would highlyappreciatedit

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1 week in

By Matthew7, 2012-10-30

im 1 week in and im not sure if im doing my hair right or if it looks right for being 1 week in. i would love to see some peoplesinput on this thanks

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new to dreading

By Matthew7, 2012-10-22

hi im new to dreading and im using the twist and pull/rip method and i was wondering how do i end the dread. i cant get the tips to stay. they just go straight and im not so sure what to do if anybody knows what i should do i would reallyappreciateyour input thanks!

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