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1 week in

By: Matthew7
Posted in:

im 1 week in and im not sure if im doing my hair right or if it looks right for being 1 week in. i would love to see some peoplesinput on this thanks

Baba Fats
10/31/12 11:53:30AM @baba-fats:

With BS, you should leave it in for about 10 minutes.

Also, how much BS to water do you use? You should be using about 1/2 cup BS to 5 cups water

10/30/12 11:32:04PM @matthew7:

i let it dissolve in the water yea and i leave it in ehh about 20 seconds maybe im not to sure

10/30/12 10:49:41PM @mons:
Yup, it looks good! Nice sectioning already. How are you using the baking soda? Do you let it dissolve then pour that over your head? Just wondering because you said you put it all over your head then rinse it off. How long do you keep it in?

Baba Fats
10/30/12 09:36:31PM @baba-fats:

Not until it stops being oily. Then introduce the ACV very slowly. Once a week use a capful of ACV to a gallon of water. Then twice a week. If it still stays dry, do it all 3 times a week. Each time only leave it in for a couple of seconds before rinsing it out.

When they are mature, you can leave it in longer and use more. But that's not a year or more off

10/30/12 09:28:46PM @matthew7:

it usually was oily and still is kinda oily should i do the ACV rinse?

Baba Fats
10/30/12 09:15:50PM @baba-fats:

Is your hair and scalp normally oily? If not, then you need to do an acid cider vinegar rinse after you rinse the BS out. BS raises your pH above normal. ACV resets that pH. If your hair is normally oil, skip the ACV until it stops being oily

10/30/12 08:58:56PM @matthew7:

well i wash with baking soda and i just kinda get it all around my head then rinse it out good then to dry i just put atowel and kind of pat my head to get all the dripping water off and i shake my head to get a lot of the drip off my head if im doing anything wrong i would really like to know thanks!

Baba Fats
10/30/12 08:52:58PM @baba-fats:

They look exactly like they should only 1 week in. Maybe even a little better.

I can definitely see sectioning. If the pic was clearer I might be able to see some knotting.

I'd like to know how you wash and what with. Also, how do you dry?

10/30/12 08:50:25PM @ixchel:

looks good for just a week, some sectioning & messiness, perhaps even knotting in there? hard to see. how do you wash?

Kallie Storey
10/30/12 08:44:42PM @kallie-storey:
Give it time my man. You will get there.

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