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Marcellus Wallace


Location: Elgin, IL
Zipcode: 60123
Country: US


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Spirit Quartz
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04/11/13 02:45:52PM @jazzymomma:

luv the dahlias >__M

Ehi U
03/01/13 04:52:13PM @ehi-u:

I appreciate the tips. It's worth looking into different washing routines.

Essential oils is a neat idea too, and yeah I use a spray bottle time and again.

I do have to think about moisture since the sun in my city is on an intense dry-out mission. It blazes scorching heat all the time. :-)

Ehi U
03/01/13 04:10:20PM @ehi-u:

Thanks for the heads up, Marcellus. :-)

I'll keep a watchful eye on my haircare products from this moment.

All the reputed cactus-based ingredients did sound safe, and convinced me to go the Jamaican Mango and Lime way.

How do you keep your locks moisturised?

02/20/13 12:09:40PM @jazzymomma:

hey hey hey lol daaaahh frog lol hes cute reminds me in a way of u idk y thought ud like it lol:) these type pac man called and has teeth i used to have a few this one is a cute lil baby can get size of large dinner plate ..........well if u didnt already kno lol me dork

peace an love

Lock Mess Monster
12/12/12 08:07:00AM @lock-mess-monster:

: accepts the award and waves to the people: -Waves-

LOL thanks. Im still people happy about my name as well. I was looking for a good tumblr name because all of the people had awesome names on there and i was just using my name. I came up with the name and have used it every where since... Im so glad no one had thought of it before me. Because i am The Lock Mess Monster Thank you for the comment

Castaway J
11/02/12 02:03:44PM @castaway-j:

thanks for the friend add brother!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/18/12 07:37:09PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome u can wash with baking soda or the shampoos are mmmmazzing

08/09/12 01:17:54AM @antonia:

Hi Kyle! Your dreads look great, I'd have to agree with everyone else about the gel... my second set is TnR and aside from the occasional baking soda wash, I just let my hair tighten on it's own... the lil guys find their own way, ya know? Enjoy the site!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/08/12 10:03:30PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and yea wouldnt bothrr using the gel it definately does cause buildup

08/08/12 09:59:00PM @darkstar:

Welcome. But if you are going to use a gel, don't use anything from Knottyboy. They are a scam. Their stuff leave residue and is actually not designed for locks. offers a locking gel that is specifically designed to wash out in just plain water. It starts to break down in the first day, and by the second is pretty much completely dried up. But it works wonders

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