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Funding the Natty!

Marcellus Wallace
11/08/12 03:33:26PM

We're currently working on setting up a site where anyone can donate to the cause, or sell their crafts with proceeds going towards making the Natty Shack a reality. Once we make a decision on what land to buy, we will determine the amount of people that land could sustain comfortably, subtract the donations from the total and evenly distribute the minimum buy-in amongst the people ready to start the community. This minimum will include not only cover the cost of the land, but also fund the construction, and provide a buffer for problems or unseen events. The first couple years will be the most challenging, but once established, it will be much easier for people to join the Natty Shack and help the community grow as we will already have some form of shelter and sustenance. For those of you who are serious about doing this, it would be nice if you made yourself known, and if you let us know how far along you are with your savings so we can all coordinate to buy some land. Also if anyone has any legal expertise on how we could fairly co-own the land, or how we could somehow just buy it as a community, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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