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Potential Problems

Marcellus Wallace
02/27/13 04:52:39PM

Although I hate to be the voice of pessimism, this project does not seem to me to have a realistic approach. At first it seemed like a jolly good idea, but as I read into the details, I felt less and less like it was trying to promote progressive actions and more like it was trying to get the readers enthusiastic about an idealistic idea. Although the goal of this project is noble, the plan which is supposed to bring it to fruition is unrealistically presumptuous. My goal here is not to discourage this plan but to bring to light it's flaws so that we could find a way around them, or perhaps, to be given a new perspective in which the solution can be found.

The ideas stated in this project are that of a science fiction writer combined with that of an architect. My friend is an architect and designs crazy buildings and concept ideas. The problem with these structures is that only huge corporations or other extremely rich entities have the resources to invest in them, and only after you convince them that it's profitable. A land developer would never agree to designs that would be beneficial to humanity, and he would cram as many units as he can unto that plot and not think twice except maybe about his profit margin. This means that you would need either someone to donate their land (as well as other resources), or get the federal government to set aside some land for this project.

If you think that is fully possible, consider that the Venus project conducts tours for $200, and sells DVD sets for hundreds of dollars. If the information they want to spread is not free, good luck getting them to spot you some land. Then there is the problem of organizing many different specialists together without a common goal (currently money). I also find this somewhat hypocritical, for they say money is abhorrent and the only way to proceed is to change peoples understanding and yet they charge these amounts for only information, further reinforcing the system they say is so counterproductive. Personally, to me this looks like publicity for a certain architect, designer, engineer whose ideas are only feasible in a society that's already achieved sustainable stability.

This futuristic vision has much construction and manufacturing and it is all sustainable, yet there is no description for how this is possible. When creating things in the fashion described, though there is much less waste from construction, yet there is still the issue of attaining, refining, and creating these raw materials as well as the energy required to do so. Although I know there are many more exotic materials yet to be invented and produced, as of now all of these manufacturing processes produce some sort of pollution or at the least adversely affect the environment.

This plan supports the idea of supporting the human population, not controlling it. Although this sounds freeing, if we can't sustainably support our current population (not even close to it) I find it unlikely that we'd be able to wrap our ideas around a growing population, much less one that's resistant to change.

Basically I find this organization ludicrous. Its actions seems hypocritical, more founded on the current society's values of land ownership, business, and resource mongering, than the ideal values it so boldly defends. It teaches one thing and does another. It also seems very presumptuous to me. It expects society to be accepting and gladly give up all it has for this new change.

At this point in time I believe putting effort into this group is futile. The goals outlined here are more for architects and city planners from the future than anyone else. Before anyone would be willing to accept this as a possibility minds must be changed, many, many minds, and I believe an approach such as Crystalyns is much more realistic. Most people don't realize the effects that their decisions (mainly purchases) have. Many others, when told of the atrocities, just don't give a fuck. The society we're working with here is rather backwards and I think before we work on this "ideal civilization" we need to elevate our consciousness enough to both be aware of our surroundings as well as to actually care for them. I know most of my guy friends would not give up their cars in exchange for a healthier world, to me that's real fucked up, but they don't see it this way (and these are my friends not even the people I find to be ignorant assholes).

I suggest the first phase should be, not getting 20 something acres in Florida, and not raising hundreds of thousands for a movie, but rather to better ourselves. We must first, vote with our dollar. If a company is doing something unethical, or creates a product harmful to the environment, boycott it (this requires effort, basically researching where everything you purchase comes from) and teach others about why they should boycott it as well. Ideally one would rather source these things from nature, for everything we need can usually be found locally, and does not need to be imported (which further contributes to pollution). Gardens are a good way to start now. Only after we have successfully lived following our ideals, will people be willing to convert societies. We have to lead by example. Even then we'd still have to prove to them that we have more to offer than their old way of life (seemingly impossible with how stubborn some people material attachments are).

Well, hope I didn't come off as a rambling jerk, but I was a little irritated when i found out that this is all infrastructure and civil engineering rather than an idea to progress the human race. If however, as the plan predicts, the entire workforce of the world is replaced by robots, and that results in the collapse of the monetary system, then you didn't waste your time. If however the systems in power try to maintain the value of the dollar, to maintain control (as they do today) you might as well just play the lottery.

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