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Kelsey Joy


Location: Buffalo, NY
Zipcode: 14221
Country: US

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pursuing dreams to

By Kelsey Joy, 2014-02-17
I am trying to get to India in October to pursue my dream of becoming a yoga teacher and opening my very own yoga studio.. so i am turning to you fellow dread heads to help support me and follow my dreams!! a nickle, a dollar, $5, anything to get me feet going in the right direction!! love and light my friends <3

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job hunting with dreads...NEED ADVICE!!

By Kelsey Joy, 2013-10-09
So this past summer for 3 months i was living in Washington state.. The west coast is a whole differnt world compared to new york(where i am from) Dreads are accepted in WA, no big deal lots of people have them.. Well now i am back in NY trying to save up money so i can move back out west and get my own place there. I have had some interviews so far and they seemed to go good, i had my hair pulled back in a bun so it looked pretty alright just a little fuzzy.My main concern is will i get hired with dreads i applied to 10 resturuants close to my house and have interviews set up all this week and next, i really dont want to blow it and then be shit out of luck for a job..and i know it may seem funny but im going to be working full time so a majority of my time now will be spent at work where i will have to have my hair pulled back due to having dreads so i look professional.. and i really hate pulling my hair back it gives me headaches..SO HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION I NEED ADVICE!!!...Do i take out my dreads for now while i am in new york, and re start once i get out west.. or get over the fact that i will have to wear my hair pulled back everyday for work.. which really doesnt even let me enjoy them! I really dont know what to do.. i love my locks so much and know i will cry the during the whole process of removing them and after because they are a part of me and i love them soooooo much.
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dreadlock uh-oh :(

By Kelsey Joy, 2012-01-17

soo latley ive really been missing my hair, been tempted to take out my dreads but i just keep remembering what happened last time i cried and started dreading them 3 days after i took out my first set,

so i decided maybe i just need a change... so i bought a box dye, it said brown on the box but i guess since my hair was so light it rected weird,

anyways i eneded up with black hair, i was freaking outt!!!!!! it looked so fake on me, i have naturally dirty blonde hair and never have had my hair this dark before so i got some stuff to undo the dye that i put in

due to all the washing and dying my hair undreaded A TON at the roots i mean like alot it looks and feel like normal hair, only the bottom half is dreaded on alot of them, and my hair is still super dark,

tomorrow is my 1 year dreadaversary and my dreads look like crap :(

why couldnt i have just been satisfied, i wish i could go back in time i never would have tried to change them..... LESSON LEARNED =/

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Day 256!!! my journey(pics included!)

By Kelsey Joy, 2011-10-01

It has been 258 days since i took out my first set of dreads(which i crochet and backcombed in and had for 4 months) and 256 days since started my journey over and stopped brushing my hair....

i wash my hair every other day with dr. bronners lavander soap, and occasionally spray my hair with salt water mixture...


I cannot say how happy i am with my descion of starting over! i love all the new changes everyday! i wan tto thank all of you for all the encouragement ive been recieving from this site and youtube. Its everyones kind words that keeps me going,sometimes i look in the mirror and think that my hair looks horrible in the stage its in(and how unfair that some people in this amount of time have perfectly shaped dreads that actually look like dreads) and when people comment on my videoes saying "your hair looks DISCUSTING" or "those are NOT dreads" or "EW" it really brings me down and makes me feel so discourages...but then i remmeber all the people that send positive comments on my pics and vids and it puts a smile on my face and remind myself that its only going to keep looking better in time, AND remind myself of how insecure i was about my hair before having dreadlocks!!

I remmeber when i started my dreads i was always watching videos and looking at pictures and i have so many people inspired me to just go for it and lock up my hair... and for people to tell me now that i inspire them,and that i can be the one to help someone with there dreads, or inspire them to come join this journey with all of us warms my heart! i love helping other people and giving them tips ive learned ALOT about dreadlocks over the past year from personal experience.

i cannot wait to see how my dreads will look in another 6 months!!!!

TODAY I LOVE MY DREADS, and where i am in this journey :)

DAY 1......


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dready dream i had..

By Kelsey Joy, 2011-03-11

i had such a wonderful dream last night!!!!!! i was in a rain forest somewhere with a bunch of people, and i had crazy long beautiful dreads, and i was so happy and i was spinning in circles, and my dreads were moving so beautifully as i spun around, and i remember sitting on the ground talking to someone, and i was telling them how my dreadlocks had helped me to overcome some really hard times, just because i had so much positive energy built up in them, i could get through anything, they gave me strength.

i loved how they looked i my dream and it got me so excited for whats to come!!!

i ran to the bathroom when i woke up and looked in the mirror, and instead of being like ahh this is such an ugly stage of the process, i thought to myself my hair looks beautiful, do what you gotta do dread away!!!

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