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Kelsey Joy


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dready dream i had..

user image 2011-03-11
By: Kelsey Joy
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i had such a wonderful dream last night!!!!!! i was in a rain forest somewhere with a bunch of people, and i had crazy long beautiful dreads, and i was so happy and i was spinning in circles, and my dreads were moving so beautifully as i spun around, and i remember sitting on the ground talking to someone, and i was telling them how my dreadlocks had helped me to overcome some really hard times, just because i had so much positive energy built up in them, i could get through anything, they gave me strength.

i loved how they looked i my dream and it got me so excited for whats to come!!!

i ran to the bathroom when i woke up and looked in the mirror, and instead of being like ahh this is such an ugly stage of the process, i thought to myself my hair looks beautiful, do what you gotta do dread away!!!

03/20/11 08:00:55PM @athenaa:

This dream sounds amazing!

It made me excited for you haha

But good luck with your journey, I'm sure your dreads are gorgeous right now anyway

03/13/11 09:41:09PM @georgiafreespirit:
this sounds like a wonderful dream, and a beautiful reality that you are starting to see in your dreads. :) bless

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/11/11 01:22:50PM @soaring-eagle:
beautiful :)

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