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job hunting with dreads...NEED ADVICE!!

By: Kelsey Joy
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So this past summer for 3 months i was living in Washington state.. The west coast is a whole differnt world compared to new york(where i am from) Dreads are accepted in WA, no big deal lots of people have them.. Well now i am back in NY trying to save up money so i can move back out west and get my own place there. I have had some interviews so far and they seemed to go good, i had my hair pulled back in a bun so it looked pretty alright just a little fuzzy.My main concern is will i get hired with dreads i applied to 10 resturuants close to my house and have interviews set up all this week and next, i really dont want to blow it and then be shit out of luck for a job..and i know it may seem funny but im going to be working full time so a majority of my time now will be spent at work where i will have to have my hair pulled back due to having dreads so i look professional.. and i really hate pulling my hair back it gives me headaches..SO HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION I NEED ADVICE!!!...Do i take out my dreads for now while i am in new york, and re start once i get out west.. or get over the fact that i will have to wear my hair pulled back everyday for work.. which really doesnt even let me enjoy them! I really dont know what to do.. i love my locks so much and know i will cry the during the whole process of removing them and after because they are a part of me and i love them soooooo much.
10/21/13 10:34:02AM @ramblingrum:
Leave them in! It's hard having them pulled back (I had to do that at my last job) but imagine anniversaries for your dreads in the future. Having to say to yourself "They'd be a year old today". Give it time at a new job with them pulled back and see how you feel. If you still want to brush them out after a month or so then you can but I'd give it some time

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