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dreadlock uh-oh :(

user image 2012-01-17
By: Kelsey Joy
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soo latley ive really been missing my hair, been tempted to take out my dreads but i just keep remembering what happened last time i cried and started dreading them 3 days after i took out my first set,

so i decided maybe i just need a change... so i bought a box dye, it said brown on the box but i guess since my hair was so light it rected weird,

anyways i eneded up with black hair, i was freaking outt!!!!!! it looked so fake on me, i have naturally dirty blonde hair and never have had my hair this dark before so i got some stuff to undo the dye that i put in

due to all the washing and dying my hair undreaded A TON at the roots i mean like alot it looks and feel like normal hair, only the bottom half is dreaded on alot of them, and my hair is still super dark,

tomorrow is my 1 year dreadaversary and my dreads look like crap :(

why couldnt i have just been satisfied, i wish i could go back in time i never would have tried to change them..... LESSON LEARNED =/

Sarah Smile
05/16/13 12:24:45PM @sarah-smile:

JUST before reading this, I'd commented on someone else's page about thinking of dying a few of my dreads... thanks for saving them!

Sorry to hear about your dreadie loss, though...that must've been a bummer :/ I see you posted this a while ago, though. Better now, I hope?! :)

Brandy :]
01/20/12 07:45:59PM @brandy:

Kelsey im so sorry that happened :( but dont fret my sister, im sure your dreads know whats going on and will dread back up for you in no time, shoot with all that positive energy you have in there who is to say the color might not fade a little for you and you might REALLY like it :) but i think heathers suggestion is good about the dawn soap. I dont have any suggestions to fix your hair, but maybe just keeping the positive attitude as if it never even happened and your wonderful energy will make you feel a lil better about your dreadies. and next time you are bored or want some change (like thinking about taking out your dreads) just get on here and message one of us and tell us your in a little dread funk and arent feeling too bright and sunny, im sure one of us will be glad to tell you how beautiful you and your dreadlocks are and get you through your rough time. We are all here to support eachother :) peace girl. and HAPPY ONE YEAR, thats so awesome.

01/19/12 05:39:23PM @aika:

aww that sucks, man. it's a good lesson to learn, though. and i cant wait for your vid! keep your chin up!

Kelsey Joy
01/18/12 10:10:48PM @kelsey-joy:

thanks for the advice ladies!! ill be posting a new video to show whats going on tomorrow after school for my one year update

01/18/12 04:52:33PM @heather:
I used a lot of boxed dye colors in high school. One thing I learned is that if you go to dark you can wash your hair with dawn dish soap and it will remove a lot of the dye. It wont hurt your dreads either. I'm sure your dreads will tighten back up over time. Do some BS washes too. I've people say it washes out color. Hang in there, sweetie. We're all here for you.

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