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Running Wild Reggae Music

Running Wild Reggae Music

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Good Highs

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Champagne & Reefer

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Golden Earrings

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Fight the Feeling ReggaeDub

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feelin purdy :)
me and baby boy :)
almost a year (:.png
23 weeks pregnant & 44 week old dreadies <3
10 months<3
squeaky clean :)
me favorite :)
8 months
tomorrow will come and the sun will shine<3
five months!


Lisa Ann Maynard
08/02/14 08:26:45AM @lisa-ann-maynard:
Hello beautiful Just wanted to say hi & to tell you I friggin adore your dreads!! Just gorgeous & you are as well Im just starting my journey & see that me & you have very similar hair types. Partly what inspired me to reach out to you, that & whatever you have done to get those gorgeous lcks I wanna know about ;-) Ive done an insane amount of research which is in turn both good & bad! Lol.. What I've figured out mostly is..everyone's hair is going to respond differently!! Especially ppl with totally diff hair types even when following the exact same regime. So..its left me a bit overwhelmed with an arsenal of sh*t for my hair! Lol.. What is it that you did when your locks were newborn? I've got baking soda, ACV, tea tree oil, 100% pure aloe vera, lemon & lime juice, sea salt & Dr. Bronners lavrnder castile liquid soap... (Oh & 100% organic aloe juice)..shwew..thats a lot of sh*t! (Can you see my overwhelming confusion?) Thx so much for reading this Nice to meet you lovely lady & again...just beautiful!! Love, peace & happiness

Marissa Victoria
05/20/13 12:21:35PM @marissa-victoria:

Hey new friend !! I loveeee the reggae songs you got going on !! <3


05/18/13 07:44:38PM @taye:

I am so glad that you decided to dread again. I can not imagine my future without my dreads. Interlocking or root flipping is where the dread is threaded through the root of the dread. It is a common practice. Many people believe this is a good way of tightening up the roots. It is a very bad thing that happens way too often. What it actually does is weave the undreaded hair instead of letting it knot. It makes a very weak spot in the long run. I am so very glad to hear that you did not do this. If you had I would have suggested that you try very gently to un-thread them. It can actually be undone if caught soon....otherwise it becomes permanent and ends in a weak spot that couldeventuallycause the dread to break off. Andregardingall those comments that caused you to comb it all out.....remember we can't please everyone...but we can please ourselves :D

05/18/13 07:27:22PM @jazzymomma:

aww ur adoreable lol:) welcome to dreadlockssite

good to hear neglect is in ur future ur dreads will thank u later an be healthy an strong:)

peace an luv

the Barrellady
the Barrellady
05/18/13 06:40:02PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the community and to your new journey....Peace

05/18/13 06:22:43PM @taye:

Hello Kayla, so very nice to meet you :) You have such a lovely face. I was just looking at your pictures. I noticed that your dreads are a bit too tight for 1 day old. Is it possible that you may have done something else to them?They have the compacted look of TnR that has beencrocheted. In your photo it looks like the roots framing your face ( your bangs) were interlocked or otherwise known as root flipping. I am not saying this to be mean....just saying because I care. I want you have the most beautiful mature dreads and have a beautiful experience. Those 2 things are really really bad for dreads. People that root flip and crochet end up with thin tiny hard scratchy dreads which keeps them from being the thick full head of dreads that you mostly see here. I comparecrochet and neglect to noodles....why have a thin, hard, uncookedspaghettinoodle when you can have a fat soft lasagna noodle?There is wonderful information on the tab towards the top of the page called is to the right of the home button. It will answer so many of the questions that everyone has about anything dread related! If you can't find an answer please ask questions in the forums! There are veryknowledgeable people here who would find it a pleasure to help.You found a great site with people who want to give you the encouragement, support and answers that you need. I hope that you are having a beautiful day, lovely lady :)

Baba Fats
05/18/13 03:02:34PM @baba-fats:


Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
06/05/13 11:03:46PM @tyler-chidester:

Welcome to the community Shelley. Congrats on the courage to make life changing moves for you and your family. All the best when you move to India...Peace

05/30/13 06:27:37PM @darkstar:

Welcome. Like Eagle said, it's great that you stopped waxing, but stopping isn't enough. Wax is a hydrocarbon. That means it will NEVER wash out, no matter how much hot water and normal soap you use. It'll still be there in a few decades. Hydrocarbons need a detergent and lots of scrubbing to get it out. Check out the dreaducation page on how to clean wax out. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

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