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Location: Central Square, NY
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Marianas Trench
10/12/09 11:50:17PM @marianas-trench:
Well, I soaked them in hot water for a while, then washed with a citrus based solvent, rinsed with water, washed with dawn, rinsed with water, washed with baking soda, sea salt and lemon, rinsed with water... I did that about 3 times changing the water al the time to keep it hot and clean. I squeezed a bunch of wax out, but there has got to still be some in there... Though my dreads are a lot lighter, now :)My advice, don't use wax. It's the first time, when your dreads aren't tight yet, that really screws them up. This is because the wax gets right to the core easily, then starts caking more and more every time you palm roll. My dreads are tight, but were also very hard. I'm going to try the iron/wax paper method next to try to melt the rest of it out, then I'll probably wash hardcore again to fnish it all off... After all that damage I do to my hair, I'm gonna do a apple vinegar rinse for conditioning.

Jaime Adams
10/12/09 02:22:57PM @jaime-adams:
That's amazing. I wish my hair was that way. I hate washing it. lol

does it matter
10/11/09 02:57:42AM @does-it-matter:
whats been goign on in life lately man?

10/09/09 11:45:10AM @cracker:
The way you laugh at the end of everything cheers me up. We were singing Meatloaf in that picture.

10/08/09 05:02:37PM @cracker:
Im finally feeling better. Whats been bugging you lately and making you feel that way? I've been in the same state of mind as well for the past couple months...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/08/09 10:59:14AM @soaring-eagle:
hugs sweety i'm always here when u need to talk

10/08/09 12:26:19AM @boobie:
yeah im definitely thinkin about the natural neglect method... its just the fact that i need a job and a lot of places around where i live would take one look at me and see all the nappy locks with the birds nest and judge me before i even open my mouth. but i know ill stray from wax... it just seems gross.and dude i love incense! i burn it every day too : )

10/07/09 11:05:24AM @cracker:
Its nice to be acquainted with you too! So whats going on? I've been super sick the past couple days

Jaime Adams
10/07/09 10:56:41AM @jaime-adams:
You don't get any buildup or anything? That's amazing. I'd be afraid that my hair smelled horrible if I didn't wash them.

Jaime Adams
10/07/09 10:17:18AM @jaime-adams:
Yeah, I wash them just about every 3 days maybe. Then I do a deep wash once a month. Usually all I wash them with is water. Sometimes I use an anti-residue shampoo. Neutrogena has one that works amazingly. But water surprisingly does the trick.

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