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dreadlocks shampoo
does it matter


Location: West Bend, WI
Zipcode: 53090
Country: US

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does it matter

I need a travel buddy/possible temporary roomate 4 move to cali(san diego)

Alrighty lemme get it out, im finally...
@does it matter 14 years ago - Comments: 0

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my favorite picture of them soo far
holy red scalp man! ouch
lol this is why i had that clip in, cuz that one just pokes straight up! :D
love em already! got some real fatttys
who loves blunts :P
this is my friend anna, she helped a lot with back combing the back of my head
my partner in crime
mmmm :D they feel soo good


green bean
09/21/10 08:56:59PM @green-bean:
im doing pretty good. wanting to travel out in the opposite direction i am soon. =]

green bean
03/31/10 01:09:55AM @green-bean:
hey! how have you been i havent talked to you in awhile. hope all is well for you! =]

03/23/10 01:14:45PM @indigochild:
yay :) sending you love handsome <3

carolanne costantino
02/11/10 02:52:47PM @carolanne-costantino:
HEY, sorry i havent been on in a while. two jobs..lots of working. gotta make it out somehow right? but i dont want to lose contact. so how are YOU doing? anything new? i got mail from colorado state university yesterday!! i think its north carolina for awhile though. very very nice. hippy haven says asheville nc is amazing. check it out! i hope to hear back from you soon. lots of love

Mamaa Wolf
01/25/10 11:49:05PM @mamaa-wolf:
hey you should come pick me up in new hampshire, and we should travel.

David Anderson
David Anderson
01/16/10 04:09:03AM @david-anderson:

David Anderson
01/16/10 12:47:48AM @david-anderson:
i come on the site around once a day. im super regrettingcuting my hair last summer now im just waiting to pouch on the day it gets long enough to start haha. i think around maybe end of spring or early summerish time i might need u to come down to milwaukee and help the newborns haha. but yeah thanks for introducing me to this site. tis very helpful. and theses people have such amazing personality's. not to mention insane dreads haha

carolanne costantino
01/10/10 08:05:57PM @carolanne-costantino:
oh zachary :)

David Anderson
01/09/10 08:33:18AM @david-anderson:

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