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dreadlocks shampoo
Jaime Adams


Location: Miamiville, OH
Zipcode: 45147
Country: US


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All I Can Do Is Write About It

All I Can Do Is Write About It

10 years ago - Comments: 0


10 years ago - Comments: 0

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beautiful mess
mmm :]
Love my knottyness. <3
Almost 6 months in the second set.
View from the back, a little messy. :D
Smile big and happy now. :)
Swing yo dreads!
loopy loopy loopiness
Wrappin em up
red eyes!


02/22/10 09:31:48AM @labmofgod:
happy birthday jaime. I hope u have a wonderful day.

02/17/10 06:03:14PM @d:
Hey Jamie, love your profile and just wanted to say hi... Hope you're having an awesome week so far.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/09/10 10:40:41AM @soaring-eagle:
its so good to see you back here sweetymissed ya

11/22/09 10:54:11AM @benito:
s welcome dear!

Courtney J
10/12/09 02:36:09PM @courtney-j:
Thank you for the friendship Jaime.

Angela Denise Medders
10/08/09 12:46:31PM @angela-denise-medders:
Thanks for the request.Love and Light...:0)

dweezil moon
10/07/09 03:13:57PM @dweezil-moon:
nope no buildup. just the occasional fuzz ball, haha or a piece of earth, lately leaves. haha.i have very little dandruff, i do not know why.maybe im super-human like, or atleast my scalp.

10/07/09 12:24:43PM @andrea2:
hello :)bless*

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/07/09 10:55:50AM @soaring-eagle:
rainbow spirit

dweezil moon
10/07/09 10:29:35AM @dweezil-moon:
ehh most people dont agree with not washing dreads, but it suits me. when i wash 'em its uncomfortable and they smell kinda funky. when i dont wash them they smell like sandalwood and camp fire, but thats due to all the incent burnin and fests. so i dont wash them tht often, maybe a wash once a year (ive only washed them once since ive had them for a year and however many months) but thats usually just for shits and giggles and to reminde myself that i dislike washing my hair, haha.

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