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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Modena, NY
Zipcode: 12548
Country: US

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ummm Yea...
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Dont know why we built this
low falls
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1965 Ford
1965 Ford


the Barrellady
08/07/13 12:48:36AM @the-barrellady:

Hey Cracker, wish you lived by me, sure could use some kitchen work..maybe one day I will attempt it myself...I love re-purposing many things also, older items have such history and life to them, especially wood...peace Cracker, have a great summer..

the Barrellady
08/04/13 05:26:46PM @the-barrellady:

hey Cracker, welcome back, I see you just updated your profile. cool black truck by the way. What is it you make with your woodworking business, or is it want don't you make? I myself work with oak, recycling wine barrels into tables, coat racks, platters, what ever a customer wants. Nothing like the smell of a wood shop huh!...peace

11/14/11 05:25:52PM @jess2:

Thanks for the request :) How are you going man?

Alyssa Nicole Taglialavore
09/18/11 08:59:01PM @alyssa-nicole-taglialavore:

Thank you! You're my first friend on here :) love your dreads

Jacueline Martin
05/10/11 10:44:46PM @jacueline-martin:
nice to meet you also :)

Marre Noel
04/11/11 03:31:01AM @marre-noel:

Hello there!

Pretty well thank you.

How about you? :) <3

jarvis zawistowski
03/16/11 02:43:33PM @jarvis-zawistowski:
meh when i get congo's im goona have to seperate them i don't like them

jarvis zawistowski
03/15/11 05:35:36PM @jarvis-zawistowski:
sound weird i love your dreads! back comb i'm guessing?

Jennifer Harris
12/21/10 10:37:24AM @jennifer-harris:
what part of NY are you in? I've got a friend up in Ithica....It's been on and off around here. We'll have a few warm days then a few cold...but our cold days are like 60 degrees...which is probably considerably warm as far as you're concerned lol

Jennifer Harris
12/20/10 01:15:47PM @jennifer-harris:
Thanks! I've been pretty good have to say :) My dreadies are coming along nicely...someone asked me just the other night what I've done special to make them look so great. And I said "not a thing" lol. How are you?

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