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The "Weed Smoking Hippy" Stereotype

David Breza
9 years ago
12 posts
Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything on this site, I've just sort of been lurking around for a while now. Well anyway, I've got something to talk about.So I'll start out by saying that ever since middle school, literally everyone who has ever met me has assumed that I smoke pot. I suppose it's just my personality, and that I give off that sort of vibe. However, my sister's were pretty big dope smokers. And with me being the little one, anyone who knew them of course assumed I smoked as well. Well it's never really interested me, and to this day I have yet to smoke, not even once. So pretty much I've been living my entire life (I'm almost 19 now so arguably not that long lol) with everyone I ever meet, thinking that I smoke. And I mean... It's not hurtful or anything, it's just a little annoying ya know? And now with having dreads, this whole thing has been amplified by at least 10 times. I'm about 8-9 months in, and I'm loving it. I love the look on peoples faces when I say "No, I've actually never smoked before." :PSo in one of my college courses, we're writing a paper about stereotypes and I really want to do something with this idea. However the teacher doesn't want it to be a personal essay about myself, but rather how the stereotype has been seen in forms of media. Like a t.v show, movie, or book or something. I'm wondering if anyone has any similar experiences or ideas of where I can start with this. For example the bus driver in the Simpsons is look upon as being a dope smoking hippy (but doesn't have dreads) so I'm trying to think of more things like that.
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Baba Fats
9 years ago
2,702 posts

It may be a little hard to find, but look into Upper Dublin High School's survey on drug use. I believe it was released in 2007. The survey was taken in my senior year ('05), bt the results were so absurd that they were afraid to release it for 2 years. I believe it showed that 95% of seniors drank alcohol regularly. Something in the 70% area smoked pot regularly. They also asked about other drugs. But in every single category, UD used each substance more than the national average by no less than 10%.

I was the only person in there that had dreadlocks.

I did smoke then, but no I don't It's been 6 years since I quit. When people ask me where the weed's at, I ask them "Do I look like a pothead to you?". And I laugh. They laugh and the tension is gone.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
29,465 posts

its pretty common sterotype i smi]oke..but rarely and always recomend smokeing less to most who smoke

but i never touch nothing else

no alcahol


i also get the you must love the greatfull dead sterotype and actualy i cant stand them

im not sure if the sterotype makes me hate the band more or the band makes me hate the sterotype more

but anyway back on point

i went to school (hs) in the 70s a very rural area one of my best freinds was black (adopted by a white family tho) and there was only 1 other black kid in the school..maybe within 30 miles evebn

70s veung when rasta culture 1st was getting noticed around but i knew nothing of it at the time (till moving to the city anyways a couple years later)

however id see grafiti carved into desks on chalboards

all ovr actualy

just the word jah and a pot leaf

being about 13 at the time with no exposure to that i assummed jah was another name for pot like weed grass bones (trees these days) etc

so for some (well i guess its not hard to guess why) reason rasta culture ..and dreadlocks were linkedtio pot

however not all rastas smioke either

then look to india and th ghangies (spelling) withthe sadhuus and thier long dreads bathing in the holy river and smoking the chillum or chalice

eed has been uss alot by the spiritualy high to ..get higher as a conduite to the spiritual

just as peyote has by the shamans

etc etc etc

but does that mean that ..umm whats his name..rob zombie is a guru or shamab cause he has dreads?

ghandi wore nothing more then what could be called a diaper

does that mean every old man in depends can lead a freedom movement?

do you assume every mexican named jesus walks on water and raises the dead

sterotypes tend to show you more about the ignorance of the beliecver then about those u believe the sterotypes about

just like the sterotype that all pot smokers sit on the ciuch doung nothing all day

when a pot smoker wins a marathon or an olympic event they really make a big thinkg of it cause it disproves a sterotype they use to discourage pot use

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
9 years ago
8 posts

there is a movie called club dread its a corny scary movie. i believe the main character is a dread headed hippy who smokes pot and stuff. something to check out. pineapple express. biodome. true romance, great flick. those were the only ones i could think of at the moment.

Star Gryphon
9 years ago
190 posts

I do smoke as well and legal to do so here in Oregon. I honestly smoke way less than people assume I do. People are surprised all the time about how little someone who is legal to do so actually smokes. I sometimes go days or weeks without smoking. The reason why my supply even goes as fast as it does is because I gift buds to people who I know need them.

Over the years I've known many a dreadhead that doesn't smoke pot. One friend, he had a dready hawk, he admittedly would have smoke, but he would start puking as soon as he tried.

Another dready I knew (he salon maintained his hair and even added extensions, but still had them) refused to smoke because his job randomly UAed and he didn't want to lose such a great job.

Stereotypes never help anyone. Oddly enough people have surprised that I have smoked pot because outside of the dreads I just look like someone who doesn't.

Smoking pot is really a personal choice. I see it as a medicine and it really has the potential to be a powerful one! Especially considering some of the concentrates that have been developed. RSO, BHO, Hash, even some of the butters, oils, and glycerine that is used in baking.

Baba has a great attitude towards it. Laughter. My dread hawk buddy wouldn't always have such a positive way of telling people he doesn't smoke pot.

What class is this for? I have my BS in Anthropology. I wish I had some of my texts here...I'd look up articles that have been written about stereotypes.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
29,465 posts

i smoke on average every 2-3 months ..unless im at a gathering then i smoke alot

i smoke 1 lil bowl sometimes only 3 or 4 hits at a session then not again for weeks to months


it is the best n=medicine for me so i wish i smoked more

u may know im a quadriplegic

i have severe spasticity

i am on meds that make u halucinate..and believe the halucinations are real! (on high dose or if i miss a couple doses)

i called the cops 1 time telling them me and my gf fell into the grand didnt matter i was home in pa i was sure it just happened and she was still there hanging from a cliff

when i missed a few doses i felt a pop in my adams apple

followed by a wiggling tunneling send]\ a parasytic wiorm burrowing into my throught

datys went by it grew and grew rapping 3 times arounf my throught

into my chest

up my spine trying ti ]=o eat its way to my brain stem

i could feel its path inside me as well as push on it through my skin and feel it reace]=te

then u=i had seizueres i think

my eyes went fluttery i couldnr control them

i was in hell

but 1 or 2 bowls relaxes the spasms alot

a tiny sip of ganga oil (olive oil based tincture)

and the spasms disapear completely

n o halucinations

no weirdness

just relief

a girl i kept alive for many years stole 1 days woryh of my meds (when i was on a high dose)

and took em to kill herself

her heart stopped

she survived but barely

pots the safest medicine for thousands of illnesses but im]llegal

the legal meds are extremely dangerouse though

theres a stereotype there too

meds make u healthy

drugs are deadly

but often its the oposite way around

at least with weed

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Merek Privitt
9 years ago
13 posts

yea. Hopefully by montana i will have quite a few large batches of glycerin tincture witch sounds like it would make your life a lot easier. its sublingual, so you dont have to wait as long as if you eat it, and you can get a specific dose every time. you just drop it under your tongue and it does the trick. as long as im financially ok bythen i should have some and ill bring you some s e

Star Gryphon
9 years ago
190 posts

I wish PA had the same medical marijuana laws that Oregon does! My mom is a cancer survivor. The reason I believe is because I got angry at her and said she needed to quit all the paid meds and get her OMMP card NOW.

Now we are pretty involved in the different clubs and my mom bakes medibles at very high doses for people who need it for the therapeutic value, but are unable to eat a large amount of food. I wish I didn't have to fear sending this medicine in the mail. I'd be at the post office tomorrow. RSO is the best for this. Just one drop a few times a day has been known to even stop the advancement of lupus!

We've hijacked this post. Sorry.

David Breza
9 years ago
12 posts
Hahaha, it's fine there's actually some really great stuff in here! I don't know why I didn't think of movies like Pineapple Express and such, that'd be a good one to mention. I could even write about the medicinal aspect of it all and what not. :P By the way this is for ENC1101 (the regular kid entry level college English clas) it's like a pop culture type of class, for whoever that was that asked.
Star Gryphon
9 years ago
190 posts

Ah, ok...I guess one that I never actually took. What exactly is the assignment? Maybe you can also post the paper you end up writing? I'd like to see...uh....I'll definitely help in anyway you'd like...such as being a "source" that you interview through Private message or what have you. :)

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