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Dreads or No Dreads, that is the question

Tynie Jones
11 years ago
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Hello! My name is Tynie & I have been trying to decide on starting dreads... I love the way they look... I just need to know the pros & cons before I decide!

Thank you

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Kyle Adams
11 years ago
32 posts

Helllllo there! Okay, so pros and conssss:

Pros: You'll easily be the coolest person in any room you're in, they'll change the way you think (because of the stigma they have), you'll attract amazing people who are unique, they're fun to watch grow, change, and do whatever they want, and other things that I can't think of at 2am haha..

Cons: They will put a damper on getting a job (but I've found that if you at least get an interview, what you say plays a big role if you go in with them tied back or something), there's a lot of bad information out there on ways to start them, maintenance, etc. (but it seems as though you've found a good website!), they take some time getting used to, (the natural washes, possibly dandruff, stares, assumptions, etc.) but if you can handle that, which you will because of what i said about dreads changing the way you think, then you'll be just fine..

In other words, you totally should get them. :D

11 years ago
359 posts

Pros: Your life will change in a very positive way, wait a minute, it has already started to change, because you are thinking about dreadlocks

cons: None

peace and blessings

11 years ago
70 posts

Pros: they are an awesome conversation starter. For me they have actually gave me some few life lessons when I lease expect it. You can still do cool hair designs with dreads and put beads in them make them look far out.

Somethings to think about: I don't find this much of a con but I thought it was when I first started having dreads. Patients dreads are a long journey. Your hair will shrink. Everyone is different, but with my hair I had it mid back and I didn't realize that it would shrink all the way to my shoulders. Some are longer then others.

With all that said dreads are a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

11 years ago
4 posts

to help me decided weather i got my friends girlfriend to put them in tempory with lots of back combing and a bucket load of hair spray and they lasted about 4-5 days before my hair went back to normal. i did this to see how i would with dread and see people reaction, now iv decided to let my hair go natural and its great, dunno if this will help but hope it will.

11 years ago
83 posts
Pros- they will change you. You will look awesome . Learn patience and tolerance. Have more free time (dont have to brush, blow dry, etc.) And you style will be unique. Just the other day I went to a wedding wearing pinstripe pants, a shirt and a leather blazer. I asked my friends if I looked ok and they responded "Yeah man, you have dreads. You make anything look good!" Jaja, made my day.Cons-misconceptions and judging. Bad info out there ha people thinking they're dirty. Also the stereotype that your a pothead hippie.But the cons are just your door to educate people. Happy dreading!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
29,636 posts

pros everything cons stpid ignorang judgemental people still will be tupid ignorant judgmental people u change they dont

i disagree with it afecting your job search unless as i stated u are being interviewed by a stpid gnorant judgemental a-hole ..the good part is youre being saved from working for them

its all pros

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Joey mipanyarack
11 years ago
80 posts
Pros pretty much what everyone said.Cons: I've heard some people with really long dreads have it hurt there neck. That's about it lol. Oh yeah, I do miss wearing my Irish style caps. Already had a big head, can't find one to fit me now. Sucks lol
11 years ago
8 posts

I'd definitely recommend dreads to anyone. Especially the natural neglect method! I'm only 6 months in, and it has been amazing so far. It's almost like watching your (dready) children grow up~ they change and mature so fast. <3

The only con would be separating and the occasional bit of dandruff.

11 years ago
45 posts

One persons list of pros and cons of having dreads is bound to be different from someone elses... Just because hair type/skin type,hygienedifferences, sleeping positions, humidity, and many other factors change the way things are for one person opposed to another.

So just keep in mind that just because most people have dandruff... doesn't mean that you will definitely get dandruff if you dread. Ioccasionallyget a tiny bit of dandruff, but I wouldn't call it a con, just because its been easily manageable so far.

As many others said... dreads seriously will change you! But how exactly.... is completely up to you and your environment. (Both your physical and mental environment)

In my experience.. Dreads have changed the way I take care of myself. I used to be into all kinds of special skin products. expensive shampoos/conditioners, and stuff like that.. But now I really enjoy making my own shampoo, and body wash, and after shave for mysignificantother, lotions, face wash, face moisturizer... and tons of other skin care products!

The only cons I've really experienced are that my hair sticks to zippers and velcro. Also, the texture of each dread kind of feels like velcro when its on your neck.... so it can get a lil itchy.

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