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Dreads or No Dreads, that is the question

5 years ago
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Baby dreads can be itchy especially if you use backcombing or TnR as a starter method, but once they mature they should be soft. I have used mine as a pillow on severaloccasions. But yes I totally agree with Melony.....velcro is my mortal enemy.

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Kyle Adams
5 years ago
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That last paragraph is spot on my friend. :)

Justin said:

Everything about my journey has been a pro.

Sure there have been moments that I don't like the way they are looking but early into my journey I read a post from SE that said: "If you don't like the way they look, simply stop looking at them or only look at your shadow." It's the one thing that has always been in the back of my mind on those days when I actually do glance in the mirror and don't care for what's happening. Funniest part about it though, it is on those days that I tend to get the most compliments.

There are many aspects of a dread journey that could be construed as a con depending on the person and their experience with that particular issue. I think what you'll find in the end is the same thing I said in the beginning. There really are no cons because it is all part of a journey. What your journey is about will specific and personal to you and how you handle any perceived issues that arise will ultimately form your experience. It's not a con if you get past it and learn from it as well.

Society and it's preconceived notions of who we should be and what we should be doing have never sat well with me. For me, growing dreads were that last step to really letting go. The last step to becoming who I've always felt I was. Free

5 years ago
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I would say to think it over for a while, and start them when, for you, they appear to have NO cons. Happy future dreading!

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