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5 years ago
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hey I'm looking for my first job. my mom says if a few (like 2 or 3 ) don't hire me i'll have to comb them out to get a job. my question is will my still baby dreads or dreads in general affect my ability to land a job?

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5 years ago
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it could def. effect your getting a job certain places. look around everywere, think of things you owuldnt norm think of as a job, to really open up your options. there isa job f every dread head that wants one. just gotta put in alittle more effort because of the misconceptions that our society has.. gotta cut through that red tape. best of luck! keep your head up !

the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Tons of people are unemployed right now, and they don't have dreads. Lush hires dreadies and so do hip clothing stores and bicycle delivery services. You can't change other peoples thinking, so broaden your horizon and look outside the box for a job. Go on the internet and find hip places in your area, then apply there. Always put on a smile, be polite and confident when asking if there is an opening, during an interview and handing in your resume.

Good luck and remind yourself that jobs are scarce, just hang in there.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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by law they cant and tell her f u u go get the 1st jon=b u apply for or shave your head

we are in a tough economy jobs are hard to get.. nobod..i mean nobody gets the 1st 1-3 jobs they apply for

my dads got 40+ years experience programming hell he was the senior programmer anylyst and was flown all over the world to problem solve for majotr corporations..

he went into retirement a bunch of years back to sail around the world but 3 years later decided he needed a job again with all his experience and know how hes been looking for job for several years..and hes baldso hairs not the issue

try to fu=ind a job but say hell no to the comb out

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
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5 years ago
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when going into an interview or dropping off an application make sure your dreads are clean and maybe a subtle spray or light fragrance. just to show to some employers that they aren't all bad.

5 years ago
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Watch this.

Basically it explains how adopting a certain body position, it can change how you feel. Do the "power poses" before an interview and you will come across as more confident and personable. This is great for getting a job.

But, dreads will affect your chances in certain jobs. Some people here live with their head in the clouds and will suggest that they don't have that much of an affect, but they are wrong. It is your job to make yourself come across as professional and conscientious. A suit will go some of the way, a black tam or neatly tied dreads should also help. Best of luck with it, either way.

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