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Dandruff and big lumps in some areas

stuart lake
8 years ago
7 posts
i didn't go to a salon she was reccomended by me to a friend. you sure they need to be undone? seem's a bit drastic? surely they will work themselves out?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,585 posts

they need to be undone because if not theres a rishk the dread will break right off if it dont break u will aleways have a weak spot

interlocking is drastic u force the whold dread through the roots theres great strain on it that tends to cause the dread to break right off

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

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8 years ago
145 posts
Interlocking pulls it tight and that's probably the cause of the bumps and flakes: your scalp is irritated.You don't necessarily have to take them completely out if you could undo the interlocking. Believe me, loose roots are necessary and more comfortable for dreads, and tight dreads cause that scalpy look.Try to undo the interlocking as much as you can at the roots. They should be comfortable. Then let them go to grow and form sticking with bs/acv wash and essential oils if you want.If you can't undo the interlocking then try to condition the roots to loosen them up then try to undo the interlocking. The problem with interlocking is not just the tight roots/painful scalp, with the twisted tight hair it won't lock (too tight to tangle) and could further stretch, stress and break. It will always be a weak spot unless you can undo the interlocked spot.It might not fall or break but will not ever tangle in interlocked spots and will always be like a bendy spot. By the way with 10 months you should have some quite formed dreads, if you don't it may be because of the method. Mine were only loosely backcombed and ripped apart when needed. Mine are very locked and only 7 months, so proof that letting them do their thing is better than trying to force locks.

stuart lake said:
i didn't go to a salon she was reccomended by me to a friend. you sure they need to be undone? seem's a bit drastic? surely they will work themselves out?
8 years ago
145 posts

I would try to avoid scratching them. Sometimes you can irritate your scalp more and get scabs or something. I (prior to locking) had a compulsive habbit to pick around my widows peak on my head because of one lump I got one time, and it took forever to heal because it scabbed up and when I pulled my hair back it would irritate it and it just perpetuated the issue when I touched or messed with it. You don't want open sores or cuts on your scalp, it sucks and takes forever to heal,because of all the hair in the area pulling and messing with it.

Now if I get a big flake that is like already loose and just hanging out in my hair I find a way to pull it out, because that's annoying.

Jared Drury said:

Speaking of dandruff/ lumps.... is it better to scratch and pick them off or to just let them be and fall off on their own when washing? I think I have loosened a few knots by tring to pick out dead skin, I guess it would be better to let it wash out on its own. WHat do you think?
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