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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: North Las Vegas, NV
Zipcode: 89081
Country: US


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Canning food question

I've canned peach and apricot...
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At valley of fire, where our wedding will be
11 months
11 months
11 months
11 months
11 months
last one still extra loopy 11 months
I shake ma hair back 'n' forth
7 months front
7 months top
7 months left side


Panterra Caraway
12/29/10 03:44:09AM @panterra-caraway:
Well congrats Auntie! How exciting! That is something wonderful to keep you delayed!! I hope your day was amazing. XOXO

Panterra Caraway
12/15/10 03:49:41PM @panterra-caraway:

Heard it was your birthday tomorrow...Happy Birthday hunie! Have an amazing, technicolor day!!!! XOXO

Mama Harrison
11/20/10 08:45:29AM @mama-harrison:
Thanks for the compliments. Actually, none of my dreadlocks are braided. I have naturally wavy hair and this is how some of them look. Everyone always thinkg they are braided, but they aren't :)

Bruddah Dread
10/20/10 12:14:05AM @bruddah-dread:
How long have you been dreading ? And how did you start ? Love you pix they are inspirational = )mahalo

09/30/10 07:16:27PM @midread:
Thanks for the request! You have great loopy dreads! AND my five year old and I are "oohing" and "aawing" over your puppy pictures!!!

09/28/10 12:24:50AM @vates:
Thnx for the add :D

09/24/10 03:10:54PM @hazzim:
your dreads look awesome.. interesting shapes.

09/24/10 12:00:31AM @sagem:
You have rockin' dreads!

Kayla Hinners
09/23/10 09:14:10PM @kayla-hinners:
Until you pointed that out, I didn't even realize they were all of the same side. haha. Yeah, I've got both sides done. I've had em for about a year now. I don't see too many people with them either. I love em.

ac marley 09
09/17/10 04:39:26AM @ac-marley-09:
thank you so much for your help. what is a good wax remover?

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