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Canning food question

10/18/10 04:29:12PM
I've canned peach and apricot preserves and jellies and jams before, but I was wondering if anyone knew if canning some other forms of food would be safe, for instance soup.The reason I ask is because I make some really awesome fake chicken noodle soup. I use star noodles usually, and a vegetarian chicken broth (ingredients are hydrolized soy protein, garlic powder, onion powder, dried parsely, salt) and quorn brand fake chicken (it's made from a fungus/mold that is high protein, and in my opinion has the best texture for fake chicken. I've tried tofu for this soup and it's too smushy even when I sear the sides of the cubes).Anyway, would this be able to be canned safely for storage? If so how long would it last do you think? I am new to canning on my own, I only canned with my great uncle growing up so it's not something I do regularly enough to know all the ins and outs yet.
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