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becoming Vegetarian

3 years ago
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hey everyone i wanted to know how can i become  Vegetarian i need to stop consuming junk i want to change my eating habits and eating the right foods is there any advice where i can start? what should i eat today? also i want to become  Vegetarian and work my way up to vegan i want to be healthy and i know its very good for your dreads when you eat clean and the right foods thanks a lot for you help guys    

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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   1st just remove meat from everything you eat.. you can add meat substitutes slowly.. tofu seitan tempeh tvp (textured vegetable  protein) whatever falafils instead of meatballs 

try diferent veggie burgers and things many are better then others.. at 1st you might like the ones that taste more like meat, later on those ones will not be ones you like.

get a vegy cookbook or 5  they have a lot of amazing ideas

tonight. stirfry some seitan if you can get it, if not tofu, but marinate the tofu in some soy sauce or some other sausce  maybe with a ll ginger or something

add sweet and hot peppers any other veggies you like 

on the side add 1 cup chunky peanutbutter and about 3 cups water, lil curry cayenne maybe cumin? bring to slight boil then simmer for awhile stiring constantly add any spices to taste simmer it so its still kinda thin but thickened a it cools it will thicken more

poor that over the stirffry

now nutritional yeaste tastes like cheese (some vegan cheeses are amazing others soso) but adding nutritional yeast to anything automaticly make it taste better .. bland overcooked boild cabage  with nutritional yeast  tastes fairly good.. add it to [opcorn with garlic instead of butter and yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

a lot doesnt gotta change till you go vegan. order a pizza? instead of pereroni get banana peppers black olives artichoke hearts (my fave) pinaple  you name it.

over time you'll find you need a lot less food then when you ate meat as well.  I eat about 1/4 what my meat eater freins eat and im stuffed

you can get veggie versions of every peat thing you can think of from shark fin soup to well literaly anything, but as you move away from things that simply replace meat but still resemble meat you find a whole diferent wide range of options

there are mushrooms that grow on tes that do taste like steak, but then you can also find a salad in your yard that are whats normaly considered weeds

like dandilions, I think clovers but don't quote me on that.. those long leaved things that pop up 1 or more stalks with fuzzy lil bud things.. those are called plaintains not the same as the banana like fruit with the samename, but you'd see them every 5 steps or less in your yard.

grow a garden with all your faves like eggplants and peppers  and everything you like alt.

to take it a step further learn edible plants in your area an around the country and do some foraging and wildcrafting.

this last trip I discovered sourwood. the leaves have a delicious sour taste and im not a fan of sour things.

every day we pulled several hundred pounds of wild mushrooms out of the forrest and every kitchen serve them almost every meal

on naked and afraid they matched a vegetarian (female) foreger with a survivalist meat eatter

ever 2 steps she stopped to pick up food, flowers leaves you name it

he rushed her along not letting her collect food. he spent soooo much energy trying to fish, catch food and finaly he ate some grubs then a lizard that was exactly 2 bites

because he didn't let her collec food he talked her into 1 bite which made her sick

but with just the stuff she collected in the 1st 5 or 10 minutes, and a lil ore she collected when she just had to get away from his  alpha male 'we gotta do it my way' attitude  she did far better

she did eat less calories but lot a lot less weight

it took him 4 days to light a fire (she went off on her own had 1 started in 5 minutes) \

so her overall survivability score was double his

oh in fact he got sick from something he ate, tried treating it with an herb, but didn't knlw the plants well enough and iisined himself

i'll also mention raw vegans absolutely dominate the ultramarathon curcuit

and for 4 months as a teen I lived on only oranges and on Fridays (after 3rd week) a plate of brown rice

I literaly bounced and skipped instead of walking..every step was 2 feet into the air

uncontrollable energy

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Peace Shalom
3 years ago
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Thats great you are going vegetarian and working towards vegan!

I started the same path about a year ago. I was vegetarian for about a year and have been a full on vegan now for about 2 weeks or so. It feels great!

In order to best help you, it kind of depends on where you source your food. I live in Washington State USA, and I do most my shopping at Costco, Fred Meyer, and Wal-Mart, and local health food store. If you have a local health food store go check it out and ask questions.

When you first make the transition it takes a lot of time to search the store and check the ingredients. It takes time to learn where plant based items are. Dont get discouraged though.

Fred Meyer has a lot of vegan options. Vegan Pizza,Vegan Ice Cream, Vegan Mac and Cheese, Vegan Cheese etc.

I personally like to buy "Coconut Bliss" dark chocolate ice cream. And "Tofutti" cream cheese for putting on bagels. "Annie's" brand has lots of items like pizza and mac and cheese, etc. You have to look in the frozen section.

I personally try to avoid any products that have MSG in them or artificial sweetners or any of their derivatives. It is unfortunately put in a lot of foods.

Today for lunch i ate mixed nuts and healthy penut butter and raspberry jelly sandwiches and had bagel for breakfast. I'll probably have vegetable yakisoba (from Costco) for dinner or a vegan burger patty with salad.

A lot of products say vegan on them so look for that too.

Hope that helps.

Also, go through your current food and throw out all your meat/dairy products. This will help you commit to it and draw a line in the sand and don't look back!
Peace Shalom
3 years ago
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Also watch this video if you want help getting off the dairy products.
The cows really go through hell.
Peace Shalom
3 years ago
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Also, you can bake oiled asparagus @ 350 for 30 minutes or so and sprinkle a little salt and pepper and garlic in it. It is amazing!

To cook with use coconut oil or avocado oils because they are the most "stable" when heated.
3 years ago
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I live around several dairy farms. I live on one once. The cows are treated very well. These are massive operations I was at btw not a dude and a bucket.

Signed with Love, Jolly! May my journey of finding myself inspire you to search for yourself! FROM FLORIDA WITH CARE!
Peace Shalom
3 years ago
44 posts
In even the best situation, The cows are still forceably impregnated, the calves dont get their mothers milk and eventually the mothers are over-milked and are slaughtered once they are not productive enough.
Peace Shalom
3 years ago
44 posts
If you like to bake, you can use chia seeds as a substitute for eggs.

Mix 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and 3 tablespoons of water and let the seeds soak the water up and it will turn into the consistency of an egg.
Peace Shalom
3 years ago
44 posts
1 tablespoon Chia seeds to 3 tablespoons water to make egg substitute.
3 years ago
414 posts
Personally I'd skip Vegetarian and go straight for vegan. Giving up meat is the harder part going vegan from that should be pretty easy.

What I'd do is plan to go vegan for a whole week. Plan it a week in advance and get your shopping in for all your meals you want to eat in that week and then try and be as strict as you can during that week.

If you can do a week vegan you can do th rest of your life.

When I went vegan I went out and bought soya milk to replace cow's milk and I used to have tuna sandwiches for lunch every day and now I have either humous with salad or I make a nice mashed chickpea salad for sandwiches.

There are plenty of dairy free substitutes for cheeses and ice creams so you won't miss out on them completely and there are quite a few companies now that do really good plant based meat substitutes. For instance I still eat burgers and sausages and they taste just as good but they are meat free!

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