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short lock's

marie baby.
9 years ago
2 posts
i want to be active on this killer dreadie im saying hey friends, and asking for some advice.when i started this whole head of knots i had straght as a board hair, that went passed my shoulders... and then some. but now they've started to loop and some curl, and ive lost about four inches. its a i want to find some way to tie or wear my short locks, till they get longer, so i can do the things i want to do with them. but in the mean time and between time, got any suggestions on styles or wraps?i was thinking about tyeing it back in knots?or some rad do wearin it up.ideas? please?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
28,328 posts
theres ther ol palm tree (or we used to call it pineaple head) just a fountain of dreads (use a dread to tie em not a band) sprouting out the top of your headthen theres the double one (top or back of head) thats adorably cute on lil pixie like chix like may7 shrink lil more b4 it grows so ..just be aware of thatoh u can twist em up into a bun..or ..thats the fun of dreads u can knot em twiost em and do all kindsa of funky thingsjust play7 around and see what ya come up with

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marie baby.
9 years ago
2 posts
shrink more?! i hope knot, me and my boy will have the same length.but they kinda do what ever they please.a lil pixie chix like me? hah. kay ill try the double bun.thanks =D
hippie mama
9 years ago
154 posts
short piggy tails are cute . i feel ur pain though cuz this set of dreads that i have now was started on maybe 4 inches long and curly. so i know ur pain. i did the piggys and i wore a tam and a folded up bandana as a headband
8 years ago
303 posts
ah those babies are long enough to have all kinds of fun with them! just take an hour to sit infront of a mirror and try tieing them back in all sorts of different ways, just find out what looks good on you.
hannah bebont
8 years ago
7 posts
i have short dreads to. i had long hair, then decided to cut it, then dread.. stupid idea. now i'm dealing with dreads from 1 inch long, to like 4 inches long. i have a wrap that i got put in, it goes down to my midback and i use it as a hair tie. its strange how quick the wrap dread has grown, and i notice them growing faster. my dreads also looped around and sucked inside themselves. i keep slightly worrying, but they're just gonna take time, and look sick as hell
Spider Feet
8 years ago
458 posts
Compared to bits of loose hair I have my dreads are about half the length. From the pic it's looking like you could lose a few more inches from shrinkage. I'm still waiting on the length so I can tie them up like soaring eagle said so right now I always keep a headband on it.
Lindsay Frenette
8 years ago
2 posts
I have fairly short locks, my longest locks just touch the collar of my tee shirts. I usually wear them half up in pig tails, or all up in short piggy tails, or a half ponytail. . . my favorite is when I make like a wreath out of thick hemp and weave fake flowers into it and wear it kind of like a headband. It's very "hippie goddess" and looks awesome with a nice cotton sundress =]
6 years ago
28 posts

I was just about to post this question, so thanks. Great ideas here.

I've been trying to think of a way to wear my hair to my husband's pinning (he was selected for Chief in the U.S. Navy and it's a really big deal). I think I'll try two little pig tails with an ivory lace-ish handkerchief. Fun!

6 years ago
324 posts

LOL! I have really short hair that dreading and to short to do anything with but to cover them with a tam or bandana from time to time but honestly, I don't care if my hair is a mess and I could care less of what ppl think out loud or to themselves about how my hair looks! Locally I have only had 1 person ask if I was trying to grow dreads while other ppl say wash and brush your hair! I say thank you but I do wash my hair but refuse to brush or comb it and then they say nasty! How is it nasty when my hair is prolly cleaner than theirs?! LOL!

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