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Location: Knoxville, TN
Zipcode: 37934
Country: US


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05/26/10 07:23:51AM @magola:
Doing pretty good. There are like no dreadies in knoxville. I went to a MM&W concert and pretty sure the whole dread population was there. :S

Courtney J
04/21/10 03:12:57PM @courtney-j:
Hey mamas thanks for the friendship. Hope all is well on this beautiful day :)

Hayley Turner
12/07/09 02:37:46PM @hayley-turner:

Jammin' Jay
12/07/09 11:51:04AM @jammin-jay:

Lonnie Berg
12/07/09 11:46:25AM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings Sweet Sister, so glad your journey has brought you to our Hairy Home, There's a lotta very kynd and helpful folks here and plenty of good info, Look forwars to seeing ya round, namaste'

Jodie Hyland
06/30/11 01:48:53PM @jodie-hyland:
Absolutely! As long as I can stalk you right back :)it is so fun for us to have twin journies going on. I'm loving this natural dreading process so far, the freedom it bringsin addition towhat it is teaching me about patience and being okay with where I'm at (not only in this process but in life in general too). Look forward to following your progress!

denise iesha alice shannon
06/27/11 12:25:26AM @cindy-lillemo:
Thank you Cora! You are a sweetheart <3

denise iesha alice shannon
06/23/11 05:19:23PM @cindy-lillemo:
Hi Cora! Honored to be your first friend here <3 I came to this site a year ago with alot of questions and unease. It helped that I am a hairstylist...I learned what I needed to know very quickly. But, my hair had really no knots until almost 8 mos. in!!! I really wanted to give up...but, I just kept hanging on and believing :) Finally, as if over night...I had lots of babies everywhere! You ever need anything...don't hesitate...just a page away! Much love.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/17/11 02:18:52PM @soaring-eagle:
ohh u have oics now very pretty :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/17/11 02:18:15PM @soaring-eagle:
awesome well cant wait to see your progress

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