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dreadlocks shampoo
Jammin' Jay


Location: San Marcos, TX
Zipcode: 78666
Country: US


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Jammin' Jay

What kinds of natural deoderants are my hairy hippie sisters wearing...

...for odor control. I've been using...
@Jammin' Jay 10 years ago - Comments: 29

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Haha! It's ART!
The Eye of The Dog Art Center
Ryan McKerley
River Reggae Fest '10
Sugar Baby. The new addition to the family.


01/09/11 09:57:30AM @randy:

ooo hai :)

i love your profile picture! Is that a mouse or a rat? I hope a rat because I LOVE RATS! I had three, but then moved to Germany so I had to give them to a friend but I miss them soOoOoOo much.

Anyway, if it is a rat, woo, if not.. mice are cool too ;)

Liam Reign
12/20/10 02:26:04PM @liam-reign:
just moved to austin. Having fun so far running from event to event. thought i would let you know i was close

09/25/10 12:55:01AM @bowerydoll:
Thanx for the add -- hope you have a great weekend ahead! x0x0x

hippie mama
07/21/10 05:28:36PM @hippie-mama:
well thanks for the support man. i def think he is the youngets white boy with dreads atleast on here anyways.

07/18/10 01:58:39PM @jemma:

hippie mama
07/18/10 08:18:16AM @hippie-mama:
ciould you imagine if he decided to keep his dreads and doesnt cut them. theyd be like almsot to the floor. but ultimately its his decision so well see. but it woulld be pretty sweet

07/16/10 04:24:56PM @makaila:
welcome :)

06/29/10 11:49:08AM @daiguma:
I like all the things you've wriiten about yourself! thanks for the nice comments.You have a wonderful collection of photos.much bliss light and joy in your life, people must enjoy being around have the same colour eyes as the beautiful crystal clear water around elcho island ( i was just fishing there last weekend) kinda like little marble universe in your eyes:))

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/10 06:32:17PM @soaring-eagle:
9 months wowits all worth it i look good

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/10 04:03:42PM @soaring-eagle:
your dread babies look great

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