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What method do you think this lovely lady used???

10 years ago
11 posts
So, Sorry if I'm not in the right category but a friend of mine fell in love with this girls dreads, So now she wants dreads I personally think these are backcombed but she wants to dread this summer so I told her not to use wax.
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JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
10 years ago
217 posts
i dunno... i think it looks like a dread perm because it's all twisted looking. but i don't know.
10 years ago
833 posts
A very pretty girl but those look like spiral curls. I have a friend that has electric curlers that create this effect. These are definately not mature dreadlocks. You can actually see light through a couple of them. dreads are dense.
10 years ago
833 posts
yep it is a girl trying to look like she has dreads for the picture or something. That is not real dreads
10 years ago
16 posts

I don't think they are real dreads. I think they are twisted pieces of her hair set with a blow dryer or hair straightener and then hairspray.

I remember seeing her picture on a page that had instructions on how to create fake dreads for a night out.

psynapsurfa technoshaman
10 years ago
5 posts
hot girl tho... i agree that they are faked dreads... but, boy, she is smokin
mikayla roman☯
7 years ago
13 posts

Honestly, I agree with everyone else here, these aren't real dreadlocks. But if you want the twisted look, i twist and ripped mine and they are twisty and braided looking :3 hope this helps!

Michelle D. Ransdell
7 years ago
38 posts

She's obviously a model and her 'dreads' look too contrived to be real. It looks to me like a hair-stylist did twists and gelled or waxed the ever-loving Hell out of them to get them to stay. I'm crying shinanigans on them! LOL

7 years ago
58 posts
Twists made with gel. It's a faux dread look and washes out. I know because I watched someone get them done once out of boredom.
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