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dreadlocks shampoo
JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)


Location: Tacoma, WA
Zipcode: 98405
Country: US

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ok, this looks kind of evil...
posin' in the kitchen! hahaha
big ol' dread pony!
under 6.5 months
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03/25/13 12:36:00AM @goldeneagle:

Going off of all the pictures you have posted. Most of your dreadlocks are about as old as most of mine....3years.

08/17/12 01:58:32AM @dope:

hey, your locks are ridiculously amazing, i thought it would be quicker to just comment on them because i wanted to like and comment every pic haha so good they look amazing xx

01/04/12 12:40:45PM @janice:

Love your pics! You and your dreads are lovely and cheeky. They suit you well!

12/12/11 11:38:56AM @ailom:

oleeee bonitos dreads ^^ I cant speak english very well but i would like to ask you about the wash of dreds. one hug :)

Winston McClain
11/16/11 09:59:45PM @winston-mcclain:
Hey, you're in Tacoma? I'm from Seattle but now I'm in Vietnam, small world! Just wanted to say hello and your dreads look very nice. My hair is in the most early separation stage without any knottig yet, but I'm having fun with it. Any thoughts on using beads to help locking in the beginning?

Dread Baby
10/08/11 03:50:23PM @dread-baby:

your dreadies are so gorgeous! :)

Iris Sequoia
08/23/11 06:27:51PM @iris-sequoia:

Hi Eva. :) Your dreads are absolutely beautiful.

08/17/11 03:56:35PM @kathleen:
Hi Eva! First of all you are beautiful and so are your dreads : ) I noticed on a comment you made to Karen you said that your dreads got more thick then you thought they would and you wished you could make some of them into 3 and that your hair looks thinner with dreads. (both my worries) I just TnR my hair on Aug 10th, 2011 and I have curly coarse long hair. (please see my "before" pic ;) My hair looked so big & puffy before and after I got done with TnR my hair was stretched out (which made it look straighter like braids) and longer than normal which makes it look thinner and my ends are even thinner(I did unravel my ends up about 7" because they were too tight & micro thin at the bottom). I started them off small with about 52 dreads because I was worried about them getting too big over time. I thought I would have alot more to start with. With the fact that I TnR will they shrink up and will they get thicker? It is so hard to imagine now when I look at them. They look so thin, braidy, fake and twisty because of my hair type. They are also getting really frizzy. Do you have any words of advice for me? :) Also, when can I start putting beads in it? I don't want to impede the process ;) Thank you for your input. I love how your dreads turned out even though we have different hair and mine won't look like that. I wanted your feedback since you TnR too. Thank you <3

08/11/11 05:49:58PM @jodie:

nice dread!! i started mine back comb twist rip repeat etc, got any tips to keep them looking like yours? made mistake of bit of murrays wax around dread but hopefully not enuf to worry about. x

Thosy Gimbal
07/28/11 03:59:38AM @thosy-gimbal:

dear eva.....realyy nice to know you beautiful dread i see.....hold it

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