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Tips of my dreads, i got some questions

14 years ago
127 posts
ok so the last inch of my tips are not locked up will thiss pass over time, i used the TnR method to dread my hiar and i no longer have rubber bands in my hiar, neeways is this normal?
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JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
14 years ago
217 posts
my tips are loose too. i guess it helps the dread dry faster and completely, preventing mildew and mold. plus, i think it looks more natural. i'm sure eventually they will lock up, but i think it will take a while. i look at it as a positive thing.
14 years ago
20 posts
i'm at 5 months and ehhhhh about half of my dreads still have loose hair at the end. it takes time, but you'll eventually get there. just don't expect everything to be perfect this early.
Alex Angam
14 years ago
47 posts
The loose tips are great! It is just another natural thing of beauty.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
14 years ago
29,641 posts
if u blunt the tips it takes 3 times longer to drysome might blint on theyre own but your better off if they donttypicaly only tightly curly hair blunts completely naturaly

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Jack Roth
14 years ago
298 posts
yeah man i have loose hairs in the end of mine but like SE said u can see them drawing the water out of the dread and i have a few blunted ones and they stay wet for ages!
Giuliano Pagano
14 years ago
55 posts
Lol, my tips are the same except my hair is curly so they all curl at the end! :P..Well most of me at least.
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