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dreadlocks shampoo
Jack Roth


Location: Essex
Country: GB


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Jack Roth

Some of my pictures :)

Hey everybody !! Im jack and i...
@Jack Roth 8 years ago - Comments: 6
Jack Roth


Hey guys and girrrrrrrrrrrls, my...
@Jack Roth 8 years ago - Comments: 0
Jack Roth

My Band

hey guys, if u love reggae music...
@Jack Roth 10 years ago - Comments: 5

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Collie budz burn down de system

Collie budz burn down de system

10 years ago - Comments: 0

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Q and A video

Q and A video

8 years ago - Comments: 3
Dreadlock update

Dreadlock update

8 years ago - Comments: 2

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Even asleep, mentalitys awake
Nothing stays the same
Everything changes
Maybe he hates us were all so racist
Maybe he loves us for all our races
Morning :)


04/22/14 04:13:39PM @megg:

oh my jesus you are sexy... juss sayin.

Morgan Legg
02/21/13 04:49:25AM @morgan-legg:
i love you... :')

01/04/11 05:18:47AM @bossman:

Easy dude, I'm from Burton which is in the midlands (kinda between Derby & Birmingham).

How about you?

Stamen Ilianov Iliev
12/21/10 01:48:27PM @stamen-ilianov-iliev:
Fukk dat !!! Im rolling a joint and making a tea in the same time like you :D I love do that when the clock just hit midnight :P

Stamen Ilianov Iliev
12/15/10 02:33:20PM @stamen-ilianov-iliev:

I'm still doing them and yes they are :)

11/14/10 02:49:53PM @katatronic:
How long u been dreadin for?

11/14/10 02:49:26PM @katatronic:
Hey buddy** Nice to meet ya and thanks for the nice comment and the advice about the wax... I am glad to say I am completely wax free now. :)

10/22/10 09:54:28AM @kris:
Thanks! I had just washed my dreads before I took the pics. They always seem a little fluffier right after I wash them using maylee's dread soap.

10/21/10 09:14:47AM @sherri-rae:
Leave in a couple of weeks looking forward to going back to my homeland to get married!

09/13/10 09:21:58AM @steph:
Wivenhoe/Colchester area, coz i go to the uni :) how about yourself?

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