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I am that brain dead jock....

Julian Alexander Allen Zettle
8 years ago
3 posts

This quote from to dread or not to dread discussion

"attraction reactions ..your average makeup bleech blond barbie type , and your braindead jock type "popular kids" probly wont be into you..the shallow get weeded out from the deeper open minded folks when you will lose the ability to attract superficial people who base attraction solely on clean cut looks and earning potentials, but at the same time greatly increasing your attractability to more open minded folks"

See i am that "Brain dead jock" and my girlfriend whom i believe plans on getting dreads with me i that "Barbie" she is pretty much a tard. But anyway the reason i post this is because the fact i am that jock and she is that barbie does that make it wrong that we want dreads? See i have had two friens now who havehad dreads one ... failed used to much wax hair turned out bad etc... Another who's dreads are turning out to be quite smexy i must say, so my opinion on these have changed and i have found mysef wanting them and enjoying the style and look they bring. Besides me and my girl are attntion whores so i guess thats bonus ;) . Butjust some feedback on this please

Is it wrong a "brain dead jock" and "Barbie" want to go through this?

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8 years ago
844 posts
Perhaps you don't quite fit the stereotype as you think.that and people change.
8 years ago
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In my experience that quote is pretty false and a little stereotypical. I was a jock in highschool, hung out with my football buddies. My girlfriend is a jock, she has like a 4.0 and has a buffet of big name colleges she can choose from, and she's a bit of a "barbie"too. I know im putting in dreads again and she is seriously considering it. I never ever got any crap for my hair, just curiosity from every social group.Just because you are popular doesn't mean you are closed minded or anything like that, and to say so is like accusing dreads of being dirty. Its called "speaking out of ignorance" or even spite. And just because you have dreads doesn't mean your more open minded or any crap like that either, it's just hair.
8 years ago
203 posts
i think all the quote is saying is that usually jocks and whatnot gravitate away from different looking people. they kinda stick with their clique or whatever ya wanna call it. at least thats how it is at my school loland i think its safe to say people with dreads are more open minded. if someones so close minded, how would they even think to dread their hair?
Marc Gravel
8 years ago
123 posts
I belive every person, no matter where they are from, who they hang out with, what their style is, what race they are, what age they are, or what label they have, should consider locks. They look great on everyone and if you get shunned from your "jock" friends because of it, they shouldnt be your friends in the first place.
Lonnie Berg
8 years ago
219 posts
My Brother, you and only you know if dreads or anything else for that matter is right for you and I know SE pretty well and what he's referring to is don't be surprised if ya get a lotta negative reactions from friends and others as well. Some people are just closed minded and don't understand. It's always amazed me how some people will judge another person by the way they wear their hair. I've heard dreads referred to as asshole sifters, meaning they'll sift the close minded, shallow thinking people outta your life. Like Dr. Seuss said....Those that mind dont matter and those that matter wont mind. Go for it, just don't be surprised if some folks treat ya differently than before.
8 years ago
19 posts
my boyfriend is really against my dreads. we are engaged and we live together. i'm doing it anyway. how serious are you? what do dreads mean to you?
8 years ago
362 posts
I think all the statment was getting at is that you'll be able to weed out the people that want nothing to do with you (regardless of whatever clique you belong to) based solely on your appearance. Plus, they did use the word 'average' which I take to mean 'stereotypical' know, completely fit the mold. I believe that the only way that anyone can COMPLETELY fit the mold is if they lose themselves to conform to someone else's ideas of what is and isn't accepetable. I think that just because you two want to go through with dreading, and are open to doing it in such a way that your dreads will be healthy and with you for a long time, you have broken that mold and aren't really in a position to wear that lable anymore. Granted, if you want to wear it by all means do! I just don't like tacking myself with any lable as it automatically tells people that you're something that might or might not be exactly who you are. Forget what 'jock' and 'barbie' would do, and just do what you do! And do it the way you want to!Keep in mind though, this is just what I think... xP
8 years ago
27 posts
be who you want to be and do what you want to do. people are judgmental, even on this site, but you take the good with the bad. what people think about you doesn't change who you are. people have dreads for different reasons. maybe for no reason at all. some people with dreads are just as shallow as the "barbie doll or jock". and not all "barbies and jocks" are shallow. we're all individuals and stereotypes are nothing but a human-made judgement.. so screw it, live life and be happy and don't give a shit what other people think or say. :)
Giuliano Pagano
8 years ago
55 posts
Well... not a big fan of jocks myself, they're not really the nicest people. But nothings wrong with jock's having dreads.. I actually believe I've seen some professional football players with them. (Although I wouldn't really know, not a big fan of sports. :3)
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