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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Andover, MN
Zipcode: 55304
Country: US

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Dread decorations!

To decorate my dreads i have a couple...
@Emily 13 years ago - Comments: 2

What are your favorite movies/genres/directors?

My all time favorite movie is The Big...
@Emily 13 years ago - Comments: 3

funny rediculous dream XD

ok so a while ago i had a really...
@Emily 13 years ago - Comments: 3

Lucid dreams?

so i came across this website once...
@Emily 14 years ago - Comments: 15

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Wait So Long

Wait So Long

13 years ago - Comments: 0


14 years ago - Comments: 0

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Instant Karma - John lennon

Instant Karma - John lennon

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Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10

Yosemitebear Mountain Giant...

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1 year 3 months
double rainbow
sunset on the lake
dread flower
cannon ball!!
red dreads
my pup :)


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/09/13 11:14:19AM @soaring-eagle:

love u2 where u been? srry was asleep when u dropped by but hope to see ya soon missed ya

Katie Rose
05/19/12 11:19:34PM @katie-rose:

Thanks for the add man :) you've got some awesome locks!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/24/11 10:27:44PM @soaring-eagle:

oh its so good to see u on again u know whats crazy? u were on my mind not 15 minutes ago and here you are


u hear me thinking too loud?

Mia Elizabeth
06/08/11 05:09:13PM @mia-elizabeth:
Hey Emily! :) When you get a chance (If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you! (Dead URL)> Peace & love,Mia

11/09/10 07:42:54PM @rahbin:
A red ribbon for peace, love, passion and well being my new friend.

Achita tosanakan
10/21/10 02:15:10PM @achita-tosanakan:
Hi.I would not talk about DreadMake sense at all.I want to volunteer teaching English subjects.If you or a friend interested in my project.Contact meWe will send you details.

Achita tosanakan
10/07/10 01:27:51PM @achita-tosanakan:
Nice to meet you. Emily

08/27/10 11:49:45PM @iain:
happy birthday for your dreadies, lol:)

Dreadlocked Werewolf
08/23/10 10:02:31AM @dreadlocked-werewolf:
Ya I hear ya, its hard to go with your heart when everyone else tells you no.

Dreadlocked Werewolf
08/19/10 10:35:15AM @dreadlocked-werewolf:
Amazing looking dreads. Wish i had had the heart to do them at your age like i wanted to instead of bowing to others wishes...

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