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I am that brain dead jock....

8 years ago
6 posts
Do What Feels Right KING JULIAN. i believe in u =D
updated by @rasjuttex: 07/23/15 02:56:58AM
8 years ago
82 posts
I see where you're coming from but "open mindedness" is not a constant state of being across all issues. getting dreadlocks just means your open minded about dreadlocks and not necessarily all things. Everyone has issues they are open minded and close minded about. Things that we are willing to tolerate and accept, and things we are not willing to tolerate and accept. You may be more accepting about some ideas that others are not, but at the same time they are likely more accepting of certain ideas that you are not.Case in point, my grandmother was totally cool and supportive of me being queer. That could be considered pretty damn open minded considering her age group yes? My grandmother is, however, very very prejudiced against Muslims which is very close minded. so which is she, closed or open minded? It depends on the issue. If you ask me I would say that most people are generally equal when it comes to tolerance because if you weighed our values against each other we'd probably balance each other out.All that really matters, about all of us, is how we treat others and how we treat ourselves; and it suffices to say that making the open minded decision to dread your hair doesn't do very much for making the world a better place or yourself a better person. It just makes you look cooler.dreadyEm said:
and i think its safe to say people with dreads are more open minded. if someones so close minded, how would they even think to dread their hair?
8 years ago
94 posts
social status really means nothing if you really think about it because in the modern world we live in everyone has there own uniqueness about them and if people are gonna belittle you because of the way you wear your hair or the way you dress then those people have no right to even have the joy of knowing you for what you are and that is an individual. almost everyone of every walk of life has the right to express themselves for who they are inside. you shouldnt let peoples opinions of you get to you because opinions are like assholes... everyone has one and there is nothing that can be done about that. if you want to do something then just do it because its what will bring you happiness and joy and that my friend is my opinion of what life is all about... enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy. i hope that you to will enjoy your journey though life and the journey of dreadlocks.
green bean
8 years ago
57 posts
i say if you WANT dreadlocks go for it! who cares what other ppl are going to say, they will judge you no matter what you look like. if they dont judge you for your dreads theyll judge you for something else. do what you want in life, what makes you happy! i just started dreading naturally and its only been three months and ive noticed how much judging has been going on! but it only makes me laugh because some people are that lame to judge you for your appearance rather than the person you are. good luck to you. let them grow brother!
Orange Clock
8 years ago
72 posts
It is fine if you want dreads, it is fine if you don't. I don't agree that you are a "braindead jock." If you want dreads get them. There is no right or wrong for anyone just opinions and at the end of the day only yours matters to you when it comes to making a choice.
8 years ago
212 posts
it doesnt matter what people thinkjust do what you want
8 years ago
20 posts
you seem like your bragging or something like its dude when you get outta high school those labels will no longer exist and you will jus be some guy that played sports in high school and most likely everyone else will be moving on with there yea dont get dreads you will lose your precious popularity
8 years ago
8 posts
not about anything except what you want to do, if you have to ask then maybe u should wait
8 years ago
212 posts
hey i used to be a big time prep in high schoolbut i turned out alright :Pppl dont be mean to new ppl it deters volume and traffic to this sitepeople will realize for themselves and shed their superficiality, just like everyone elsein due timepeace love unity respect responsibility
8 years ago
1 posts
I think that it would be good for you to dread you hair... see i used to be the pretty girl when i was in school and things like that.. but as you dread your hair .. for us... its like a way of letting go of our old ways to live a more natural life.... you might even see a change in yourself when you dread. .. i did.... and just because you are a jock now and shes like a barbie. doesnt mean you cant change. and if you feel its for the better then all the more reason.... . and most important dont let anyone hold you back from what you want to do.. dreads for some reason are a big thing for people who no nothing about them the ones who are really stuck in society the system.... and tend to negatively judge you at times... but thats your job to show them that under those beautiful natty dreads. is a good person.. and just spread the love....oh yea and if and when you do dread... do it the completely natural way.. like just stop doing your hair.. and maybe guide it into sections.. i didnt listen and put all mine in.. but if you check out the site. the natural dreads seem to turn out the best. just in my opinion ..
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