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Best way to start..

Okay I have made the decision to go...
@Bobbi 9 years ago - Comments: 6

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Dreads 3.5 years
Dreads 3.5 years
1 year 2 months
December 2010
redwood forest
cobra kite on the beach
the wild west
fire at sunset
i love the beach
Fort Bragg July 2010


03/21/13 07:13:15PM @steven5:

Nice your dreads lookgreat. I like the tree hugger pic. In cali?

christina popejoy
03/01/13 10:19:23AM @christina-popejoy:

hi bobbi

Your dreads are just beautiful!! I love the black and white pictures you posted recently.

I noticed that you have short curly bangs and i think it looks really really pretty, this is exactly what im after as mine are getting extremely long but I dont want them to dread as i think it will frame my features too well. I know its a super girly statement! do you cut yours yourself, any advice on how you stop them knotting in but still keep the beautiful curl??

Trina Sandress
12/01/10 08:40:19PM @trina-sandress:
Thank you Bobbi for stopping by! Yeah Chico's not so far away. Your locks look awesome! Happy Dready journey!!!:0]

09/15/10 05:36:47PM @iain:
omg bobbi, your dreadlocks have come along amazingly! i almost didn't recognize you, that curly hair really works out well with locks :)

06/03/10 10:50:08PM @alfy:
Thanks! my dreads are around 14 months old now!

04/29/10 10:51:12PM @sadangel777:
Your dreads are so beautiful.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/31/10 09:21:55PM @soaring-eagle:
wowthose dreads are looking ammmmmazzzzing

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/08/10 12:04:07AM @soaring-eagle:
your dreads are comming along great they look so good tooglad u didnt crochet!

10/26/09 10:06:18PM @tomasu:
heya, how are the baby dreadies coming along?i bet your hair has gone crazy :D

10/10/09 09:58:07PM @tomasu:
Hiya!Yeah, i found after a week my hair went absolutly crazy, i had curls fighting with each other all over the option and alot of the hair at the back grouped and clumped almost imidiatly (the top is a bit thinner so thats taking some time to do anything)..i still get the odd fuzz..but it really is nothing new to me. i'll havr to get up some of the videos onto my profile...i have a few in a thread somewhere on here logging the start and the first week...i was supposed to record a new one last saturday but i got i'll wait till next week for the 'month' update :)..i guess all we can do is wait.

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