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dreadlocks shampoo
christina popejoy


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Country: GB

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christina popejoy
@christina-popejoy • 7 years ago
christina popejoy
@christina-popejoy • 9 years ago • comments: 31
Posted a new Comment on @mamakittylove:
"hey! Many thanks for your congratulations on our lil babe. we had our 1st scan this week and my oh my was it such a beautiful moment getting to see our lil..."

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1 Year 7 months dreads
Dreads in the Morning!
Dreads in africa about 2 Wks before I combed out
dunno when this was but love this pic!
messy nesty
Its a onsie sorta morning!
Photo on 06-06-2013 at 11.52
lumpy bumpy goodness
party in the back!
hemp wrap with irish sea shell
wet dreadies
Living the dream!


12/05/14 01:15:37PM @mamakittylove:

Oh my goodness congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you! Being pregnant is so amazing, I could be pregnant the rest of my life and I would be happy lol. I've actually been debating on becoming a surrogate so I could be pregnant and give birth again :P I'm happy with only having my two boys though. My dreadlings are doing GREAT! Just hit 5 months on the first! Here's how they are looking! I am so in love!

10/29/14 05:14:15PM @mamakittylove:

Hey beautiful lady! How are the locks coming along?!

07/13/14 06:36:33PM @mamakittylove:
I actually combed out a little over a month into my journey :( I regret it deeply. I'm 13 days into my journey again and I have very very little progress this time around. It's very discouraging. Don't comb out! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Dreads are sexy!

05/01/14 04:32:05PM @mamakittylove:
Actually we moved back to Florida about three months ago haha!! It was too cold for me in Ohio. Had our second son in September and I'm on day 4 of my neglect dreads journey :P A family will happen when he's ready and when the time is right, don't rush things, it'll happen <3 glad to hear from you and glad you're doing well!!!

04/30/14 04:56:22PM @mamakittylove:
Hey!! Are you still on this site?! It has been forever! :)

the Barrellady
05/16/13 08:18:23PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Christina, for the Neutrogena anti residue shampoo, I add the amount I would normally use for regular hair shampooing, or a little more, to a squirt bottle filled with water and give it a good shake. I use an old hair dye bottle, you can use a picnic ketchup bottle or whatever. Then on wet dreads, I squeeze this mixture all over my dreads. I stay away from the scalp as best I can because Neutrogana should only be used 3-4 times a year, strong stuff, so this way my scalp does not get much on it. Besides, it is the dreads that need a deep clean. Used it today in fact, was mowing and hit a huge dust pile, the wind blew it all into me, so the shampoo gave them a deep cleanse. Works fantastic, you will see the dirt come out when you rinse it out. When you think you have it all out, rinse some more. This is good to have and use for when unexpected dirt happens, like to me today.....Peace

Baba Fats
04/11/13 01:10:53PM @baba-fats:

As much as I hate to use chemicals, I found some permethrin that is the best tick repellent. And you don't use it on your skin. Just your clothes. So it has minimal skin contact. It's not too toxic, and the oils on your skin break it down very quickly. It's supposed to work for about 48 days and through 6 washes with just 1 application. So I hope it helps.

I also got a tick key. Not that I can't use tweezers. It's just easier to carry it around on my key chain all the time.

10/30/12 10:57:29PM @mamakittylove:

Heey! Yeah things have been pretty crazy in my life recently. We finally moved to Ohio last month, packed up the car and drove what seemed like a million hours! It's nice here. I looove the nature and the cold compared to the deathly heat of Florida hah. The comb-out process went well, my mom is a cosmetologist so she get them out rather easy. A few were really knotty and difficult to get out and took a while though. Honestly I miss them and I'm debating on trying again....Not sure at this point. My hair does look really pretty not knotted up too. How have you been?! :) Nice to hear from you!!!

10/24/12 04:50:21PM @sweet:

Thank you so much for the address, i am so going to try the stinging nettle tonic for sore throats, i wonder who the first people where to think of giving it a go!

09/10/12 05:16:46PM @sweet:

Just looks like a path leading to my tiny wooden hut in the woods - one day :)

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