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Made me think twice! I feel sick

By christina popejoy, 2012-07-19

Okay so since I started dreading I have been thinking alot about my impact on the planet and the way I conduct myself, my ethics are being challenged and im glad.

I have been vegetarian before quite a few years ago. And without too long I became anaemic. I dont know if this was due to just eating vegetables. I mean I was the only one in my household that made this choice and I would usually just have more veg to make up for not having meat. But my mom and I didnt really have a clue. She was supportive but we just didnt do our homework.

I have been careful to buy free range eggs and RSPCA Freedom food meats. But I am still saddened to find that even these animals are stunned before they are fully dispatched and mechanical sorting devices can still be used to move animals through the process. To be honest it makes me feel pretty sick and I dont quite understand how that comes under the 'Humane slaughter' braket. I mean the conditions seem very strict and clear but it is still a killing factory.

I definatley am thinking of trying to eat the vegetarian way for now. And I will be looking at this time as meat fasting! Where I can search my soul and pray about this. Does this keep in line with God' plan and the stewardship we we're given over the earth and the animals. To protect it and care and love for it???hurrrrm a ton to think about! I still dont know how I feel about slaughter done by a farmer on small local organic farm we have many here in England. Something still to ponder!

But for now after watching the From farm to Fridge documentary on You tube I amdefinitelyput off.


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Random blabberings 3mnths

By christina popejoy, 2012-07-05

Well the months are just flying by.

I do feel like this whole experience is making me more aware of the world and what is going on in it.

I feel like my dreads are a true extension of my soul on the outside, baring this is a vulnerable thing, yet exciting. I'm happy. Yet heartbroken by some of the things that this world is going through right now. I suppose with dreading you need a lot of patience and this patience is making me slow down more and enjoy moments that I would usually rush past. Good and bad.

There is a need for me to be connected to outside more now. I used to work outside in a forest full time and I miss it dearly. And i have kinda been clouded with university busyness and city life. Yet more recently my husband and I have been seeking out new woodland around Bath. Although the beauty of the woodland we used to work in was truly unbeatable. It was magical.

This process is teaching me that my soul our souls are so special they need to be cherished and filled with the goodness, faith, nature, love, peace. Then we can share this with others. I feel this beauty has nothing to do with me. ITs about just being open to it. Its a God thing for me, for he sustains my soul with these things. I'm not always deserving of these gifts yet they are freely given.

Grace is a beautiful thing, To share and receive. I want to practice this more.

One thing I am certain of this. There is more than this everyday. There are beautiful places waiting to be explored, relationships to be formed, forgiveness to be dealt and received, Sorrow to be cast away and joy to be found. Love to be given and received. This process is allowing me to look past the superficiality of everyday and deeper into everything. Life is the journey love is the destination.

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Random Blabbberings- 2 months

By christina popejoy, 2012-06-04

So two month mark!

Feel super at home with my hair becoming what it is. I cannot wait until the loops really start going nuts and to see some good progress. I should post some more pics soon. All in all I am loving this journey but am quickly seeing the strange looks friends have when they realise I am growing dreads and they think they look a littleweirdor not proper. Its provided me a chance to explain how dreadlocks are really grown. Many have found itfascinatingthat just with not combing, and just washing andseparatingyou can get locks.

Mine are going pretty good just now. The BS wash isdefinitelythe best forcleannessand it really dries my hair which makes it more tangley. The back combe sections at the back have completely fallen within the 1st few weeks. I tried to tnr these few but again it unravelled. Sojustleft it and now its finally knotting up. Yeeee! Gonna sleep on my back to to help them out a little bit.

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Random Blabbberings- 1 month today!

By christina popejoy, 2012-05-06

Here I am reached the end of my first month! So happy, I'm not gonna lie the first few weeks we're really tough, my insecurities we're trying to eat away at me. I truly didnt realise how much of my identity I found in my image, or should I say the image I constructed. I am on the road to finding my true self again. Away from the fads, fashions and concepts of my culture. This is soooo freeing to me.

I'm begining to not be afraid to show me The Real me to the world.

Its so crazy that growing your hair different and not brushing it could bring so much change to my personality, Maybe its just because to grow dreads you need to learn to be free and learn to drop your worries and stop comparing yourself to what society says how we should act, look, conform ect.

I'm really happy I made this decsion to start this set, and this time the natural way. I can allready see a change in me and my lil hairs and its only been 1 month. Long may this jouney continue!

Thankyou all for your support and replies to my many questions


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