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Julian Alexander Allen Zettle
02/05/10 08:01:17PM
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General Talk

He is growing out his beard dread for a movie called Z or somthingCoastie said:I'm hoping that Brad's dreads are a personal choice and not the result of growing them out for some project that he's working on.Maegan said:Brad Pitt's dread beardI know there is better pics out there but I can't find them.I love dread beards!
Julian Alexander Allen Zettle
01/28/10 01:14:43PM
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I am that brain dead jock....

Dreading Methods

This quote from to dread or not to dread discussion

"attraction reactions ..your average makeup bleech blond barbie type , and your braindead jock type "popular kids" probly wont be into you..the shallow get weeded out from the deeper open minded folks when you will lose the ability to attract superficial people who base attraction solely on clean cut looks and earning potentials, but at the same time greatly increasing your attractability to more open minded folks"

See i am that "Brain dead jock" and my girlfriend whom i believe plans on getting dreads with me i that "Barbie" she is pretty much a tard. But anyway the reason i post this is because the fact i am that jock and she is that barbie does that make it wrong that we want dreads? See i have had two friens now who havehad dreads one ... failed used to much wax hair turned out bad etc... Another who's dreads are turning out to be quite smexy i must say, so my opinion on these have changed and i have found mysef wanting them and enjoying the style and look they bring. Besides me and my girl are attntion whores so i guess thats bonus ;) . Butjust some feedback on this please

Is it wrong a "brain dead jock" and "Barbie" want to go through this?

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Julian Alexander Allen Zettle
01/25/10 03:57:40PM
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Getting dreads

Introduce Yourself

So I am currently growing out my hair to get dreads. I was curious as to how many i should get my hair will be anout 3-4 inches long when i start my dreads and plan on going to a place such as glenn dow to get them done. Also, I would love to hear people opinions on useing wax i was thinking about going to to get there kits but i have heard so many mixed stories. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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